Saturday, April 23, 2011

La Familia

A Saturday post? How strange!

I feel it is pretty necessary though.

Last night I went to dinner with my wonderful cousins, Abby and Chrissy, and their parents, also known as my aunt and uncle. Now I haven't seen Abby in almost 3 years and she was thisclose to 21 the last time I saw her, so no boozey antics could ensue.

This time, however, with Abby at the ripe old age of 22, we were free to proceed.

So after an A-mazing dinner (I mean really... A-MAZING... I tried the butterfish... holy shit) at this place called Roy's in Scottsdale, I took Abby with me back to Tempe.

This is not what I wore out last night. Oh my GOODNESS, that outfit was to die-for though. I'll get to this outfit later.

Anyway, back at my house we got ourselves all did up while we waited for my charming and perfect-in-every-way friend (seriously... I would hate her for being so perfect if I didn't love her so much) Emma to arrive. As soon as Emma got here we went straight to Casey Moore's to meet Bahb.

I had intended on taking Abby down Mill to all of the popular college bars, but meh... once I am at Casey Moore's I never really leave until closing time it seems. It didn't matter anyway because we had a freaking blast. It was awesome to see Abby loosen up and drink and be herself without her parents around for the first time since I've known her. It was also one of those nights at the bar where you seem to know everyone at least vaguely.

We got home at like 3:30 a.m. after stopping by Filiberto's (Abby grew up in Illinois and goes to college in Omaha, so real Mexican food is NOT something she is used to). After burritos we drunkenly chit chatted until we passed out.

We were both wide-awake, amazingly enough, at 8 the next morning. We got dressed and got some Dunkin Donuts, and after a quick drive around campus and various other "points of interest" (kind of like an Alex Reality Tour), we went to meet my aunt and cousin at Scottsdale Fashion Square.

This is what I wore to the mall today. I had only intended on staying until noon, because I have finals this week and need to study, but I was having such a great time shopping with my cousins and aunt that I didn't end up leaving until 5. It was so sad to say bye! I hate that part!

Dress: Built by Wendy
Jacket: Target
Beads: the Goodwill by my house
Sandals: Frye
Bag: Lucky Brand
Hat: Buffalo Exchange

It's especially sad because my aunt looks and acts so much like my mom, and since she moved across the country to Maryland, I miss the shit out of her. Especially shopping. That's what we did. We shopped like mothereffers. Side note, sometimes my mom would keep me home from school when I was growing up so we could go shopping... Goddamn I love that woman.

Naturally I was feeling kind of melancholy on the drive back to my house, so I decided I needed the kind of cheering up that only my babies can provide me with, so I stopped by my ex's house and picked up the boxer puppies we got together, Gertrude (5 years old) and Tonka Truck (4 years old). For more on the complexities of this situation and darling pictures of my babies, click here.

That's Tonka Truck standing real tall! That face freaking KILLS me... sooooo cute!

Gertrude didn't want to get in many of these, she can be camera shy, but she's on the left and Tonk's going to town with the kisses.

Oh, and I took the wig off a mannequin in Macy's. My head itches like crazy, I am CONVINCED I have lice now.

Anyway, it was a nice 24 hours :)

Have wonderful weekends anyone who might see this!


  1. Well you look wonderful! And the fact that your mom would let you skip school to go shopping with her makes me so envious!! My mom wouldn't even let me do that on my birthday! And I love that you have joint custody with those pups. They are so happy to see you!

  2. chic!! simple pieces that the sandals

  3. omg, the dogs are absolutely stunning!! love it!

    xx, Sabinna and David

  4. Your mom kept you home from school to go shopping? WTF. And I thought my mom was the coolest mom ever...

  5. Lovely dress - is it cheesecloth? And I really must get myself a straw boater-style hat, Accessorize have some lovely ones this season. Hmmm...


    PS: I want to cuddle your dogs! So cute ^^

  6. so cute that you included your dogs in your photos. love your casual but chic outfit! XX

  7. Cute outfit girl!! I'm glad you had a nice time with your loved ones! I love the hat (I bought a similar in black a while ago!). Many kisses :)
    p.s. you'd make a killer blonde!

  8. aww, how sweet you got to hang with your cousins (and aunt/uncle too!). i love those times where you can hang out and chat and really get to know them even better! i love my cousins and feel so lucky whenever i get to spend time with them (it's so rare since we're all over the country).

    i LOVE Roy's!!! the food there is delicious. yes, the butterfish might be my fave! i think i've had macadamia crusted ono there too. everything's pretty good but that butterfish. yum! now you got me jonesing!

  9. Sounds like a great day! I'm glad you got to hang out with your dogs too. They're adorable. Tonka Truck is quite the lovah.

    Your outift it cute! I've been wanting to wear a hat like that for a while, but muh noggin is too big for sporty toppers.

  10. Loving the hat with this dress and the parka is always a great addition : ) Adorable dogs :)

  11. ack- I love the hat! This look is so gorgeously casual, and yet stylish. (I pulled some gingham dresses out of storage this weekend...can't wait)

    Your puppies look insanely happy to see you- love that about doggies. my cats are always at the door when I come home, but they pretend they were already there...

  12. you look great with the blond wig!


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