Tuesday, April 12, 2011

2005 called

So I rearranged my closet the other day. Not necessarily to get rid of things, but to get, for example, all the dresses together and to have tank tops separated from sleeved tops, that kind of stuff. In doing so I found a few things I had more or less forgotten about. This dress is one of those things.

This dress is super 2005. It was the first open back dress I ever saw, and it straight BLEW my mind. I remember lusting after it my sophomore year in college, but not having the money to buy it. I scoured the internet, sometimes just googling it to look at it, but it was sold out everywhere that would have had it cheaper. I had to wait, and wait I did.

Then in late 2006 when I had all but forgotten about it, I found it at Nordstrom Rack for $20.

What's my hand doing? It's kind of like I'm saying "bitch please" with my body language here.

Dress: Drifter
Hat: Buffalo Exchange
Leggings: Forever 21
Shoes: Keds

Wearing this dress brought me back instantly to 2005, and walking to school today I listened to a bunch of my absolute favorite songs from that time period... ahem...

"Absence" Antarctica
"Linear" Mewithoutyou
"Piano" Last Days of April
"All the Shitty Things" and "Idle Hands" Murder City Devils

On that note... on the OFF chance anyone who knows someone whose cousin knows someone who does taxes for the guy who used to drive the tour bus for Murder City Devils sees this... please tell them to make more. MORE. I need more. I've listened to the entirety of their scant, albeit utterly flawless, discography too many times over this last decade.

I swear, sometimes you just need to listen to those songs that instantly transport you to other places and times. I was an oh-so-angsty 19 year old who had no conception of the what, why and wherefore of her existence walking to school this morning. It was immensely comforting to know I've been this confused about, well, life in general before, and in retrospect it all worked out in ways I would never have been able to foresee at the time.

But seriously, Murder City Devils need to make more music.

I'm kind of moody and introspective today. It happens... actually, it happens every... oh... 21 days or so... if you're picking up what I'm putting down.

Me and my hormones need to get to the lab now... holy crap I'm late! Have wonderful days anyone who might read muh ramblin'!


  1. Your pictures are always so sunny. Arizona, you say? I want to go to there.

    I like the sexy-casual dress. And way to rock the hat!

  2. Love that luck! Great the back as I'm sure around that time, I was craving open back things too! Of course I love the hat!!

  3. That's a lovely dress. Haha, the hand picture description made me laugh!

  4. Great dress!! So glad you found it! And I feel the need to look up Murder City Devils. I feel like I've heard them before. But I might be mixing up Murder by Death and River City Rebels. Who knows! hehe..

  5. Jealous that you wear this hat so well. And as always, super entertaining post. :)

  6. Great dress! Love the open back (though I'd be the girl who'd wear her tacky bra with that dress - haha). And love the "bitch please" pose!

    I adore Nordstrom Rack because you can always get that great stuff you coveted years earlier for way cheaper. Of course you don't want it quite as badly, but still, it's awesome!

    Claire @

  7. Your rambling is great! And the dress rocks...

  8. way You write post is so funny ... just like your poses in the pictures. At once it is getting light-hearted. great dress. I love those things with their own history because they have souls. greetings from Cyprus, Katerina

  9. love the dress and hat, very festival vibe


  10. The dress is great! You could totally wear it 2011 styles too ;)

    Love the hat as well! Great look.

  11. I love that open back dress - so cool!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  12. AH ISN'T THAT THE BEST? I love scouring through my closet and finding forgotten clothes. I kind of have, um, a lot of clothes. So this happens a lot. It's kind of bad, actually. Yet, a still buy more things. AH I AM A VICIOUS BEAST

    Er, anyways. Enough about me. You look fierce. I'm actually looking for an open back dress. They're way cool. It's so OH BAM SURPRISE HI THERE BACK.

    And hahaha. I hope you get, um, less moody and introspective soon. I'm sure it will only be a few days, max...

  13. d apps on my iPhone says every 26...Take care for now!

    perfect dress for summer!

    and dat reminds me to go re-organize my overflowing wardrobe, too..time to diggggg


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