Monday, July 15, 2013

of Shoes and Ships and Ceiling Wax, of Organic Cabbages and Kings

So I never post in the summer because it is just too hot and too sunny here in the Phoenix area. There is literally nowhere good to stand where there will be a homogeneous covering of shade to take normal looking pictures, and besides that, it's HOT!  All I wear are cutoffs and loose tees everyday, so really, what is there to blog about??

But I do hope to actually change that a bit. 

I love that this blog has been a great way of recording my life and subsequent style transmogrification (for example, I started this blog with a bleached mohawk, then went from a super cropped black pixie to a bleached bob and now here we are with the bleached pixie).  However, no matter how much I enjoy the premise of this blog, it really hasn't been enough to keep me continually posting.  

Enter a new premise...

Case in point for weird pictures due to desperation for shade... this completely unnatural stance was the byproduct of me trying to completely fit into a slightly large sliver of shade by my front door. Also... THAT'S A BEAR CARVED FROM WOOD!  Bahb got him from a friend for me because I've always wanted one!

Top: Anthropologie
Shorts: One Teaspoon
Shoes Salt Water Sandals
Sunglasses: Ray Bans

But I digress.  This new "premise" I am speaking of is based on a recent health decision of mine. After almost a decade on hormonal birth control, I decided I want to get off it.  This decision, however, was not taken lightly.  For starters, I've always had problems with my skin, so I can't even imagine how bad things can become once I remove the synthetic hormones.  Then, of course, the non-hormonal options are either inconvenient or not reliable enough or super scary to think about.  But it's the latter  (THE SCARY TYPE) that I will inevitably take the plunge with. 

But enough about that, because before you know it, we will be rapidly entering that awesome... HOLYSHITIDON'TWANTTOKNOWALLOFTHISABOUTYOURCERVIX territory.  Anyway, in researching what I should do to ease my body back into estrogen production and make the whole transition as minimally horrific (both for me and for those who have to be around me) as possible, it became clear how much of what I ingest and come in contact with is mildly toxic to natural biological processes.

Now is the time where I should make it clear I'm not going off on one of those CHEMICALS KILL witch hunt tangents, because, holy shit, that is just asinine; there are bajillions of wonderful, life giving/sustaining/nurturing chemicals out there.  The scary stuff is when I realized that a Mario Badescu product I am smearing all over my face contains triethanolamine.  I find it hard to believe it is safe for me to get it in my mouth a little bit when I'm rinsing my face off, but when a kid in my lab uses it he puts the hood down and writes "CAUTION" on a bright orange piece of paper.  Stuff like that sketches me out.

So in investigating further all of my beloved products, I've found more and more of those nasty little molecules creeping in.  Basically all I've learned from packaged products is that the label is at least 79% (rough estimate) touchy feely propaganda. The governing rules behind labeling something as "natural" grant so much leeway it's incredulous and from this I decided that it may be interesting to try and find out for myself what I should be putting on and in my own body.

SOOOOO, what I'm getting at here is that I have a goal.  I want to document my slow and inevitably bumpy journey into this completely unfamiliar terrain.

Good bye, my beautiful and extensive assimilation of Mario Badescu and Renee Rouleau products. We had a good run.  


...go on now... don't make this harder than it needs to be...

...don't give me those basset hound eyes, Mario Badescu Caviar Night Cream, I said git.
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