Monday, April 4, 2011

the Pink Taco is down for the count!

Oh no! Truck troubles! For what feels like the 15th time since 2011 started my truck wouldn't start over the weekend. In actuality it has probably been about 5 times. First it was the starter, then it was the battery, then it was the battery, then it was the battery connector terminals and now... now...? So taking the old girl down to Tombstone yesterday was out of the question.

That's what I get for driving a truck with 250,000 miles. It's a Toyota though, so all and all she's a good girl who has held up remarkably well.

So I spent about 45 minutes kicking the clutch savagely while turning the key to get it to start yesterday, and after it finally worked, I drove straight over to my boyfriend's house. At this point it was probably in the high 90's outside, I was super worked up and hot and sticky and upset about my truck not working and just wanted to cuddle (and eat).

I got there and heard his electric guitar going, but still rang the doorbell. Again and again and again. Then I knocked profusely. Then I felt like a psycho so I sat down on the porch and waited for him to change songs. After about ten minutes of waiting and sporadic ringing and knocking on the door, the gravity of the last hour finally hit me. You ever have those moments when everything that's bothering you crushes down upon you and you just lose it?

Well I got up and just started pressing the doorbell repeatedly (not QUITE like an annoying 11 year old might do, but still pretty consistently) and his roommate's dog was barking and whining and I was driving myself crazy ringing the doorbell and the guitar was so so loud and the weight of having a broken truck, broken bike, insecurity about grad school, a recently developed thyroid disorder and probably like 17 other things just crushed down on me and when he finally answered the door I was HYSTERICAL. He described me as "downright livid" when we later regaled his roommate with the trials and tribulations of my day.

He's an amazing calmer downer though; I love the shit out of that boy. He is patient and kind and wonderful about my sometimes irrational and crazy and PMS-fueled meltdowns and I can't thank him enough for that, but still... I freaked out, and although there were a lot of factors (it's been one bitch of a semester), the point still remains that he did not deserve that at all. I feel terrible!

That was my Sunday.

I understand that there is no shortage of human suffering, so I also feel guilty after I freak out like that because I know everyone is going through something, and it's important to focus on the positive.

That's another reason why muh babby is the best. I am this high-strung ball of nerves and anxiety and he is this calm, open dude, who just takes life as it comes. I want to be that way toooo!

I make faces good and stuff!

Dress: the Goodwill by my house
Belt: Urban Outfitters (Urban Renewal)
Necklaces: both Tiffany's
Bangle: the Goodwill by my house
Shoes: thrifted Jeffrey Campbell
Sunglasses: Ray Bans

Soooo... I unloaded a little bit there... sorry! Back to the not so hormonal stuff... like shoes! These shoes are a fabulous thrift store find, but they are a size 10. Which got me thinking, I also own Jeffrey Campbell shoes in sizes 7.5, 8, 8.5 and 9... so I decided to write an open letter to Jeffrey Campbell...

Dear Jeffrey Campbell,

Let me begin by saying that your shoes are wonderful. WONDERFUL. Even the shoes by you that I don't fully understand I still respect. You created a shoe-believer out of me and I can never thank you enough for that. However, there is a "but..." I own your shoes in size 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9 and these adorable wedges? These adorable wedges are a size 10. I almost always order your fine wares via the interwebs, and more often than not I have to return them. Why? Because you seem to have little to no grasp on what a "size" represents. It is a unit of measurement, kind sir. A unit of measurement that should be able to be used to yield comparable fit time and time again. But seriously, the hell you've put me through with return postage is worth it. I can't stay mad at the creator of the Lita and the Tick and the Brit Boot...

Yours Respectfully,

Also, my big brother's birthday was yesterday... HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROTHER BEAR! I LOVE YOU BOO BOO!

Have great days and I hope you are enjoying fabulous spring weather, wherever you are! And anyone who picked up what I put down with that Tim and Eric reference is officially muh kin.


  1. "It is a unit of measurement." Hahaha. Sorry you had such a crappy day. I tend to sort of freak out too when a bunch of crap happens all at one time. Love the dress.

  2. i love that dress, it is so vintage and cute! icouldnt go to brunch bc i had to work :(

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  3. That dress is super cute! You look so lovely. Happy belated birthday to your big brother! :)

  4. That sounds like a hard day, I would have busted the door down hahaha ok not really. But glad you got a good calmer downer :)

  5. So sorry about your day. That's terrible! But you look adorable, and that dress is amazing. Can't believe you thrifted it! Laughing at that letter about your shoes :)

  6. HAhaha thanks :P Yeah, when I was in America I heard the same thing.. I should have had brown hair and eyes instead ;)

    Happy Birthday to your brother ! :) And tooo bad with your truck! Not fun. But loving the polka dots :)

  7. lovely blog♥
    follow me ?.
    love, poppy xoxo

  8. I laughed at this post because..well, you're funny, and the exact same thing happened to me yesterday, minus the car troubles. Breakdowns are necessary sometimes, I think. Actually, I know they are. And you're very lucky to have someone to listen and hold you up while you freak out. :)

    I like those Campbells...I didn't expect to see that they were his, so good work! (I say that 'cause I'm sick of the Lolita's and whatever other shoes I see everywhere.)

    And I hope your poor truck gets well soon!

  9. what a day you got, sorry about that sweetie! I bet he calmed you down by seeing a beautiful girl in his door!=)that dress is sooo adorable, and lovely, very ideal for the sun!! You look great, and im jealous of you finding that JC's!!you're right, the size- and that's why i adore JCs bec they give the best size for me=)

  10. Love your dress, it's gorgeous.

  11. I have dreamed all winter of finding the perfect cork wedges...these would be definite contenders! jealous.


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