Wednesday, April 13, 2011

She works hard for the money...

Hi there, my name is Alex and I kind of look like a mujeres de noche. Just practicing my Spanish, no big deal.

I believe that means lady of the night... or hooker. In my defense it's been 8 years since I took Spanish in high school, and we didn't cover terms for sex workers, if you can believe it.

It was a little chilly at 8 a.m. when I left for class, so I put on these knee socks. I never cease to be amazed how bare legs with a short dress and wedges can look so much more modest than when knee socks are added into the equation. I feel this is borderline vulgar. Why are oversized socks such a sexually explicit item of clothing?

I feel like I am always wearing sunglasses or looking away... this is my face. Say hi to anyone who might read this, Face.

My face is kind of scrunched up because it is so super bright outside, but I reckon you get the gist.

You know what's weird? Every time I mention something I'm excited about on this little guy, it never ends up happening.

Por ejemplo, I mentioned wanting to go to Tombstone once. On the Sunday I would have gone, my truck gave up on life.

Then I was excited about MEATLOAF DAY!!!! But Bahb and I couldn't end up getting together until like 8 p.m. that night, so an hour worth of prep time was not going to happen. We ended up having amazing sausages and mac n' cheese and Butter Tastin' though, so no complaints.

And finally, Mexico! I was actually starting to get really excited because you guys were great at talking me down from my irrational fears (I appreciate it so much!) and then... BOOM... finals are in two weeks and I need every waking weekend moment to study.

Bahb said we can go as soon as finals are over, which might be better. You know, give me a sun-drenched, margarita-soaked light at the end of the tunnel.

Jeez, something definitely not helping to lessen to tarty vibe to this outfit is the pink polka dot bra strap sticking out... oh no! I'm a lady!

Dress: Urban Outfitters (Urban Renewal)
Knee Socks: Target
Purse: Dooney & Bourke from the Goodwill by my house
Necklace: rhodium plated sterling silver from Target
(What's that? Inert metal coating at Target's prices? Score.)
Shoes: Nanette Lepore for Keds

So a long time before I used to take pictures of myself in what I wear on a daily basis, I used to leave the house in things without really knowing how it translated.

Case in point: I wore this to meet Bahb's parents for the first time. In retrospect, it might have looked like their son just brought an escort along to dinner, but, eh, what're you going to do?

So as I sit here typing this, eating my lunch of a burrito in a bag I am reminded of something else from the night I met Bahb's parents. We were chatting before the food arrived, and keep in mind that I was pretty nervous still, when his mom asked me what my favorite type of foods are.

This is the type of question like "what's your last name?" and "where did you grow up?" that you should have an idea how to answer without too much hesitation. But I freaked out, started stuttering and just blurted out "burritos in a bag!" And they just politely smiled at me and carried the conversation in another direction.

So yeah, it's not a terrible story, but I still cringe when I think about it. And here I am eating a burrito in a bag wearing the very same outfit I met them in. There is a certain type of comfort in the linearity of life.

Siiiigh. Nom nom nom nom. I do love these damn burritos though.

Have great days anyone who might see this :)


  1. I don't know why thigh-high socks are associated so closely with sexy times. I would blame Britney, but the connotations were there well before her time, which is probably why the pervs who ran her empire decided to dress her in them anyway. But whatevs. You look durn cute here, and nothing like a hooker.

    Hey, I like your face! (Did that sound creepy?)

    Boooooooo on school. But priorities come first, right? Besides, that vacation will be so much sweeter when you don't have to worry about studying.

  2. Yay, your face!!! And what a cute face it is. This dress is super cute, and yes you look a little scandalous. I think super tall socks subconsciously remind us of thigh high stocking, and garter belts, so that's my theory on the connection there. Looks good though.

  3. that dress is AWESOME !! and the color is soo nice for you! :)

  4. Maybe because the sliver of legs shown is more sexy than baring it all? More left to the imagination. However to me, when done right (as you have done with this sweet dress), it looks tres cool! (there's my bit of French)!!

  5. I think you actually look very feminine here. I mean yeah, the socks to add a little sex to the outfit but it's not trashy. Good luck with finals! I have finals coming up too and I seriously want to stab myself in the eye with an ice pick. For reals.

  6. I love your dress! The color is just lovely on you!

  7. Love your blog! I’m following via bloglovin, if you get a chance hit me back☺

  8. I love the rocker hairstyle and the overly feminine dress. You totally make it work. :)


  9. Aw, you're adorable AND funny :) The socks look great on you! The whole outfit is fantastic and not at all vulgar.

  10. I agree with Kimi and blame Brittany Spears for making knee socks slutastic. But it's all in how represent yourself. You look pretty and girly, not lady of the night. And I love your burrito in a bag story! That had me laughing! I'd do something similar.

  11. Oh I forgot! I'm hosting a giveaway and wanted to make sure you got a proper announcement:)

    A Pretty Bow Necklace Giveaway

  12. heh...I took a german class many years ago and often the sample conversations involved responses to being mugged or propositioned (no thanks, I don't smoke hashish). useful skills?

    So true about the socks- how strange!

  13. You look great! I wouldn't wear that for a date with parents, but if I ever was a parent and had a son and he brought you with that dress, I'd say my kid knows a bit about fashion!!! You have the cutest face by the way! Kisses :)

  14. i love this outfit and i agree with you theres something so cheeky about knee highs which makes no sense since your covering up most of your leg. either way you look adorable and hey im spanish, nothing wrong with burritos in a bag :)


  15. Lovely dress, lovely shoes. Love the whoole outfit!

  16. you crack me up, Alex! You are a compelling writer and I find myself quite amused with your stories.

    you also look great! i'm so jealous how you can rock that short hair. and that dress is lovely. great color. the knee high sock are great too. i just wore some black ones like that the other night and my girlfriend told me i look like an old lady. i'm thinking mujer de la noche might have been slightly better than old lady.

    Claire @

  17. i love the purple dress! it is so flattering on you and man i wish i could pull off that awesome haircut!
    love your blog!


  18. yes! yes! yes! I love knee socks<3 MUAH


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