Wednesday, March 23, 2011

bean people

So let me preface this with... I am not stable in many ways. Period. One prominently cited example of this is my relationship with my puppies.

I have the two most amazing puppies in the whole world... it is INSANE.

They are people. Bean people. On accounta their bodies are shaped like kidney beans.

My ex-boyfriend and I first got Gertrude (Gertie, Lil Pretty, Trude) in the fall of 2006. Then along came Tonka Truck (Tonka, TonkaDonk, Lil Bully) one year later. They have the same biological mommy and daddy and were born 11 and a half months apart. They are "the kids." It's been three years after my ex and I split up and we still have joint custody.

This is Gertie as a puppy! She's a real good helper! This is from fall 2006, she's probably like 8 weeks old there.

This is early spring 2007, note the sweet rat tail I have. Gertie is a spoiled rotten only child at this age. And that little stinker got away with murder because, come on, have you ever seen such a beautiful face?

Then along came baby Tonka Truck! Look at that smile! He's just such a lover, such a happy, gentle, kind soul.

He's the love of my life that dude, and he is DEFINITELY a mama's boy.

My ex moved to Vegas and took the kids a couple of years ago, and Tonka sank into such a deep depression that he had to move back. It honestly killed me to think of my little man not understanding why he doesn't get to see his mama anymore.

Look at that guy! So handsome and big and strong! His sister is in the back eating a stick and my pinky toe is saying "what's up."

So Tonka has this thing, if you insult him he takes serious offense. Like one time I said "look at your little crack baby teeth!" and he closed his mouth, stared at me for like 10 full seconds, did an about face and laid down with a dramatic sigh. So everyone has to be real careful and call him "big and strong" which he LOVES and upon hearing how big and strong he is he proceeds to strut on by and flex his leg for us.

If personality were measurable in SI units he would have a personality that measures on the order of "tera-." Where the "-" is the fundamental unit of personality.

They are inseparable! The love each other so much. They are also such good protectors, I believe they were just doing surveillance when this picture was taken, you know, making sure everything in my backyard was on the up and up.

Nature pups.

Having these pups in my life is such a blessing. I could honestly have typed thirty pages filled with anecdotes of their antics or "the cute little faces they make" or "that one time they..." without even coming up for air.

Their overwhelming optimism and zeal for life has gotten me through some tough times.

I. love. the. shit. out. of. these. puppies.


  1. LOVE that you love your dogs that much! They're very cute. I don't have dogs, but I do have two little girls. It's kinda similar. Really. My baby likes to eat food off the ground :)

  2. PUPPIES!!!! I cannot help but go weak at the knees *wobbles*. I'd give in to anything puppy-related; I grew up with two miniature schnauzers and they were there for me for over 16 years. It still feels a bit empty, even though the last one toddled off to doggy heaven only a couple of years ago. I cannot WAIT to be a dog owner again ^-^

    Thank you for dropping by my blog and leaving a lovely comment, I'm glad you approve of my crafty procrastination! I already love your blog on account of the dogs, and will now read a bit more...

    Claire x

  3. What sweet pups! SO cute. xo style, she wrote

  4. Your dogs are adorable. I love the story about making fun of Tonka's teeth. No one can do quiet indignation quite like a silly-faced doggie! I desperately want a dog myself, but sadly, I have to wait for my elderly cat to pass away, I don't want that to ever happen!

    Thanks for visiting my blog last night and following me! I've just been going through your archives, and I love your style - both of the fashion and writing kind.

    I'm totes following you now...


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