Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Scout's Honor

Holy cannoli! I know it is just SUCH a dorky grown up thing to say... but seriously, there are NOT enough hours in the day!

I've been running around like a chicken with muh dagblum head cut off just trying to keep up with life right now.

I woke up at 8:15 this morning and had an appointment to meet with my grad advisor at 8:30... I miraculously did my makeup, ironed this entire outfit, switched purses, drove the three miles to school (and it's a trafficy three miles), found parking, walked the half mile to campus and made it to his office by 8:48. NBD.

Button Up: H&M
Skirt: American Apparel
Heart Scarf: Guess
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Sun Glasses: Ray Bans

That reminds me... has anyone ever had a truly PLEASANT experience shopping at H&M? I mean, like relaxing, enjoyable and refreshing? Every time I go there it's always utter chaos. I usually leave with little more than a grumpy attitude. They are relatively new to the Phoenix area though, so that might explain why the two stores here always look like they are the only structures that remain standing in the wake of complete nuclear destruction.

GRRRRR! I'm so fussy and angry like! I'm not really, it's these damn sunglasses, they always slide down my nose. Tis all.

WHAT?! I literally went, "hey, I should jump" and kind of hopped in the air. I am pretty much taken aback by the height I achieved with such little effort.

For as hectic and bumbling and frustrating as my day has been, I managed to maintain a good mood by virtue of this outfit. I felt springy and feminine and charming all day long!

Has anyone else ever had an all around better day because they were wearing a particularly happy outfit? Is that weird?! It sounds vacuous to say that the clothes one wears can have a bearing on how they view the world, but really, all day I looked down and saw a heart print scarf and fluffy skirt and banana colored boat shoes... I couldn't help but feel cheerful! I say whatever works!

I am exhausted. Beat. Drained. I have slept less than six hours out of the last 60, and there is no end in sight. I can't bitch though, some sick part of me loves the abuse...

I have to put my nose back to that grindstone (for those of you keeping track at home, that is the second corny "adult" saying of this post) but before I leave, I wanted to thank you all for the kind things you had to say about my hair. I am not especially attached to my hair (I had it buzzed just a few months ago for Christ's sake) but I still want to know it looks ok, you know? So thanks guys, I really appreciate it, and it helped me get past those first few days of that new-hair uncertainty.

Have a wonderful Tuesday evening anyone who might see this :)


  1. This is such a fun outfit- definitely something I would wear! H&M stresses me out- too many people and it's always a disaster zone! I definitely think clothes can put us in a good mood- I was sick today so wore bright colours.

  2. I love the term holy cannoli! But I'm a dork, so that might be why;) And yes, H&M is a total nightmare at times. Especially when the store is in between seasons and there are boxes of shit all over the place.

  3. 1. I am pretty sure I am going to start using "dagblurn" in my vocabulary. In fact, I am rehearsing in my head different ways I can sneak it in at work tomorrow. No one will expect it.
    2. I never get frustrated while shopping at H&M. Granted, I have never set foot in one. Amazingly enough, there isn't one in Nashville. I am assuming it is akin to a F21. That store gives me serious rage.
    3.I adore that skirt. It's pretty darling on you. I need one just like it. I bet it goes with everything.

  4. ugh h&m is crazy but just remind yourself how good the prices are and push through lol. you look adorable and i love the bright color you added with the shoes.


  5. i know! i wish there was 40 hours in a day! cute photos! love the one w/ you jumping. i can never get a photo captured like that. xx

  6. Goddamn H&M. First of all, they had the gall to come to the Richmond area and open in the most conservative market within a 50 mile radius, and then use such demographic information to influence their stocking needs. Which basically means, all the shit in there is ugly and stupid. H&M doesn't fit me anyway, yet another caveat to being round on the bottom and round up top and littler in the middler. Also, I want to hop up in a picture and hope to catch this much air. You look gorgeous, dahling. As always. Smooches.

  7. wow- you missed your calling as a gymnast or figure skater or superhero- that is some height you achieved with that jump!

    I most definitely rely on cute shoes or some enjoyable aspect of my attire to get through the day (in fact, if I didn't get to have fun with my clothing I wouldn't even get out of bed in the mornings. seriously.)

  8. This post was all over the place. I LOVE IT.
    1. Yes, the day need to exam. I so wish sleep wasn't necessary. How much of our life do we waste sleeping? TOO MUCH I NEED TO BE UP UP UP MORE.
    2. H&M? I usually just bolt to the "sale" and "tights" section, so I s'pose I'm effecient. I usually go to the one in the mall. And I hate the mall. So I don't think "pleasant" is a good word for the experience, haha.
    4. And YES. Clothing totally dictates mood and personality. I kind of sort of talk about it in my new post (slash it's more like a random blurb so I can't even remember, haha.) But it's so true. I think that's why I enjoy wearing rainbows. You know.

    I hope you have a dandy sleep!

  9. There really are never enough hours in the day. I am thinking of petitioning someone about it. I'll let you know how that goes. Anyway, i really love your look. The scarf pulls everything together nicely, and your haircut is kind of a dream. FL humidity and a head of spiral curls makes short hair an impossibility at this time.

  10. I love your outfit! You look adorable! :)

    I like shopping at H&M. It's quite a pleasant experience. It's always so bright and everything is laid out so nicely.

  11. Love your style! :)

  12. vintage <3 you look carefree with the outfit. I really like it. It's amazing how you could prepare in 10 minutes :))


  13. Gorgeous outfit! Love your skirt and that JUMP is awesome : )


  14. I love the outfit! My mood is directly associated to my clothes!! And omg - now you have a "short hair blogger" button! Why are you doing this to me girl??? I'm struggling with long hair here - I promise that one day, I'll grab that button! xxx Kisses!!

  15. P.S. - you sure can jump!! :P

  16. I can totally relate to a great outfit making you feel more cheerful. I love the skirt on you, and the color combination is very chipper, for lack of a better word. I've been looking for a skirt like that for quite some time, but I can't seem to find one I like. American Apparel, you say? That place always makes me feel like I come from a different planet - one where leotards aren't considered everyday wear. But mabes I go there and check out this skirt? Thanks for the tip.

    Oh, and about H&M - my hackles raise just thinking about going there.

    I tried jumping for a picture once - it was not pretty. At least you manage to look graceful. I looked like I was snapped falling from a great height, about to hit the ground feet first.

  17. hehehe...That's how I used to feel shopping at a Forever21 store on 34th Street. The music is waaaay to loud, there are waaay too many clothes for the store, too many people, I always ended up coming out of the store with a nervous tick, and slightly murderous. Thankfully they opened an even bigger store in Times Square that's a joy to shop at. H&M for me is okay, since there's like 4 in the immediate area where I work so one is never really crowded.

    Cute outfit by the way and love the pic of you up in the air :) happy stressfree shopping!!

  18. I totally have those days when days are just THAT much better when you're wearing an outfit you love. I so get that! Love the blouse and the skirt, really cute look!

  19. Your shirt is sooo adorable, it look so cute on you :)

    great blog,
    i am following :)

  20. Oh thanks a lot to follow me and for your comments! Sorry I've to translate all that I say in ensglish :) Thanks thanks thanks! <3

  21. So nice outfit! I like your hair! I'd like so for me too!
    But... I can't. :(

  22. love this outfit. so springy (like your jump!). and i hate when sunglasses fall down too. H&M often overwhelms me, though I often can find something pretty darn cute there!


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