Thursday, April 21, 2011

Leopard and Lace

Seriously, who turned up the bright? Today's a migraine type-a day, and everything is just SO bright and just SO loud. It has been difficult to focus my eyes on anything and those annoying little lights I see when I have a migraine rendered me incapable of reading and obtaining meaning.

Basically I just stared vacantly in class today.

Dress: Urban Outfitters (Lucca Couture)
Belt: H&M
Flats: Dolce Vita for Target
Bag: Vintage Dooney
Sun Glasses: Gucci

I wore my biggest sun glasses in an attempt to keep myself as protected from the sunny elements as possible... it actually kind of helped!

If you've ever spent time in a college town, you have probably been honked at while crossing the street. This happens a lot. Sometimes there are honks and other times things are yelled, sometimes vulgar, sometimes sweet.

For example: I have been called every derogatory word out there for women and been beseeched to "show my tits" and one such gentleman even requested I perform fellatio on him, but not in those terms... SWOON! But I have also had someone yell out the window that I was the woman they were going to marry, and one guy slowed down to an awkward speed to tell me that I was "the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen." Was he using hyperbole? OF COURSE. Does it beat that time I was called a whore when I was walking back to my dorm with groceries? Yup.

Anyway, my point? What is the point? What is the expected end result? I received not one, not two, but three cat calls while walking to school today, and it confused me. I mean how should one interpret that? I have been getting yelled at and honked at while walking around ASU's campus for seven years now, so I'm used to it, but still?

I have never yelled out the car window at a guy. I am sure it happens, but probably with nowhere NEAR the prevalence with which it happens to women.

And then, of course, I start to worry whether they were just being assholes and making fun of me because I am so obviously unattractive, but then I realize I don't give a shit if they think I am unattractive, but still, that would be mean and I hate knowing there are people like that in the world, but...

It goes on and on, which is why in seven years I have never ranted about this, I just tune it out. I just turn my iPod up as loud as it goes and figure they weren't yelling at me, even if I'm the only one around.

Ok, fwew, feels good to finally get all that out. Well, at least some of it out, I would really love to expound upon the gender roles aspect of this, but I have neither the energy nor the basic motor skills requisite of an intelligible discussion at this point.

But really, muh brains hurt. It's MEATLOAF NIGHT!!!! Yes, you read right... MEATLOAF NIGHT!!!! My baby daddy's coming over and we're going to finally have ourselves some loaf and 'tatoes and Butter Tastin'! Until then I'm going to hole up in my room with my Disney Princesses ice pack.

Sorry if this post was just plain strange. There are a lot of things "misfiring" in my head right now, and Lord only knows what I've ended up typing. I would reread it, but the white screen with the black letters is KILLING me... haha, I've just been watching my fingers this whole time.

But oh my GOODNESS, Howie! It's Friday tomorrow! I hope every single wonderful person who happens upon my blog has a lovely night!


  1. I am little stunned you managed to post at all with a migraine. That's dedication. Your dress is preccciiioooouuusss and I loove. I would like to say you were cat-called because you look absolutely amazing(and you do) but it's mostly just because men have penises. What's this mirror behind you taking perfect pics of your back? Is that a window?

    So I get catcalled a lot, and stared at, and occasionally feel a tad raped by someone's eyes, and I think most women do. I would also like to think it's because I'm hot, but men kinda don't care, they'll catcall a Butterball turkey if it's got a nice ass. I am pretty ass-ilicious, meaning my butt is sorta huge, so I get this shit all day.

    It makes me mad. Like really mad. I have been called a bitch by countless strange men because they said something to me and I responded by saying "Fuck you" to them or flipping them off or telling them to go fuck themselves or whatever. Also if a man (like a creepy man, not anyone I would ever want to talk to, like if I was single) stares at me for too long on the street, I have been known to throw my hands up in exasperation and ask what the fuck they are looking at, can I fucking help you, etc. I actually need to stop, I think, because I might get myself in trouble one day. Men who lurk you like that have the sort of ego complexes that make them feel entitled to eye-raping you, and men with wounded egos can be dangerous.

    But anyhoo, it makes me feel extremely violated. Like, I'm just walking down the freaking street here, like a human being, and maybe I LIKE this fucking dress I'm wearing, and I don't need some asshole creepazoid asking for a blowjob or staring at me. Men are creeps.

  2. It's already Friday where I am and how amazing and brilliant of you to post this entry with all that migraine. I hope you feel all better. You look classy and chic in that Little Black Dress. :)

  3. BTW, love the blog name. Reminds me of John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men. :)

  4. Men are so dumb sometimes. For reals.

    Ok, this makes the second day in a row that I really want your dress. And this one is even better because it's black. And well, that's my favorite color.

    Also, I managed to sneak 'dagblurn' into a sentence in my post for today. I don't know why but I love that word.

  5. It's because men believe themselves to be THE end all to any woman in their sights! And the fact that you are not besotted with their 'sweet' (and I do mean this) NOTHINGS is quite beyond them, in fact, it's downright rude of us. Just the other day I had some weirdo walk down the street after me, while I was on the phone and after he was turned away by another woman (to whom he retorted, that she should lose at least 50 pounds). On days when I give a damn, these idiots either get the finger, are yelled back at or asked if that method of cat calling ever works out for them (suffice it to say, I may get stabbed or shot or punched one day but at least the perp will know that they are gross and that I want NOTHING to do with them....

    anyhoo, Great the back and I hope you feel better soon. My mom suffers from migrains so I know how you feel.

  6. Uh...I hate it when men yell out stuff like that. It's annoying. Anyway, I shop at Woodfield Mall a lot. It's about an hour away from me!! Haha! I love the H&M there. You look so beautiful in this outfit. I love your dress!

  7. I think I've been catcalled...I don't know, though. I always think they're not talking to me. I've been hit on in bars and stuff where they see me, like, more up close and personal. Generally, I think all men are horny and are attracted to any woman with a pair of boobs, and they just happen to hit on me sometimes. That's not supposed to sound like I have really low self-esteem.

    I currently have a headache and am wondering why I'm not taking IB profen - however you spell it.

    Also, love the back of the dress.

  8. First, I totally know what it's like to stare vacantly in class. I think I do it every day after I have to open at work and then go to class. Or maybe just every day in general.

    Moving on. You shouldn't think they're telling you you're unattractive. Unless they don't like women with short hair, there is nothing about you that is unattractive in the slightest. I kind of like getting weird/rude/vulgar comments because they get the same response as the sweet ones. "Oh, thank you." [insert sweet smile] I will say, too, that skirts have the added bonus of guaranteeing that when I need to cross the street, a man in a car will stop for me.

    I need to do a study on how much more frequently doors are held for me and cars stop when I am dressed in a skirt. Maybe contrast it with pants. OR test for skirt length. Ay, look at me! Too much academia.

    Find me at Just Take a Bow.

  9. I thought that only greek drivers go to such extremes... I'm kind of glad it's a global thing. You know with men... it's not personal, so don't bother! I'm with Lydia on that! They're just creeps! Kisses :)

  10. Some men are just giant ass hats. Seriously giant ass hats. And they make the world a terrible place to be a woman in. Ugh.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  11. I was just reading Tina Fey's new book last night (Bossypants - it's hysterical), and she has an entire section devoted to the topic of catcalling. She likens it to a sort of rite-of-passage of womanhood, albeit in a hilarious, sarcastic, and insightful way. She's so awesome. LUV HUH.

    That dress is smokin' on you. No wonder the mens was goin' all cray cray. (Not that it excuses their pig-like behavior. I'm simply saying they're a bunch of dumdums who aren't emotionally intelligent enough to maturely, QUIETLY withstand your sexiness)

  12. beautiful dress, i'm loving the lace detail


  13. The lace dress is stunning on you- the detail on the back is gorgeous.

    Oh and about the whole honking thing, I don't know why some people feel the need to do that. To look cool in front of their friends? To get a cheap laugh? It's pretty humiliating...and embarrassing even if they're nice things! Totally understand your thoughts on that one!

  14. And this outfit makes me wish it was warm outside :) I LOVE this dress on you- the lacy back is stunning! Ugh men can be so derogatory- I always wonder what do they expect us to do? Run after the car at lightning speed when they honk at us? Good grief! I have been guilty of cat calling and honking at boys while driving my 97 Saturn...but that was in 10th grade...Happy Friday! :)

  15. I gave you an award on my blog. :)

  16. fancy dress! i love it! you looks so edgy hot!

    how annoying about the hoots and hollers from strange men. but at least you had meatloaf ( of my faves!!!)

  17. Such a pretty outfit, perfect look for sunshine!
    I love your shades

    I never understood the whole honking thing either, it absolutely makes no sense and I generally put it down to "boys and their toys" as in, being behind a wheel somehow makes boys think that they're the best things since sliced bread
    Anyway, you are absolutely beautiful and should be proud of how you carry those groceries!

    Have a great weekend, hope your migraine clears up fast

  18. hey!cool look!

    great post and blog here!


  19. I love love your dress!! Its stunning!

  20. LOVE your dress, the lace back is gorgeous!

  21. You look really pretty, ignore that stupid whistlers - they're only doing it because they could never get a girl as beautiful as you! *sniff* I've only been cat-called once. I feel so insufficient.



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