Sunday, April 10, 2011


I bought this dress yesterday. Well technically I didn't buy it, I returned a whole bunch of stuff from that didn't fit and got this dress with some of the money I had coming back to me. So it was like a free dress! (yeah, that's how it works...) Anyway, I got it because I'm going to Mexico this weekend, and I thought it would be perfect.

NOTE: I did this in such a hurry this morning I didn't notice how terrible some of the pictures were... there was strange and indecent side boob, so I switched them out.

My boyfriend's family has a house in Rocky Point, and I have never gone with him because it seems like everyone you talk to about Mexico has had an uncle/neighbor/cousin/cousin's friend/brother-in-law who has been killed by the Mexican drug cartel, and to someone as gullible as me, that's pretty scary.

You know, I should probably start referring to my boyfriend by his name because I am just realizing it gets kind of tedious to type "my boyfriend, my boyfriend, my boyfriend." His name is Bob, but I've always spelled it Bahb because it's more phonetically correct. And he just changed it from "Bob" to "Bahb" on Facebook which made my heart so stinking happy! Awww... whatta guy :)

Anyway, Bahb swears that most people just make shit up about how bad Mexico is and that we're fine where we're going, so hopefully I will be able to relax and not worry every freaking second until I pull back into my driveway! Have I mentioned I'm high-strung?

Dress: Urban Outfitters (Ecote)
Jacket: Target
Socks: Target
Boots: Frye
Bangle: Express
Sun Glasses: Ray Bans

I am apparently saying "oh no!" here.

Also, about the skirt I wore Friday, I got a few comments saying that it could totally pass for vintage, and I just wanted to say, that it actually is vintage... look at!

Urban Renewal just finds these skirts and hems them. So you guys were right, I mean a plaid that amazing HAS to be vintage. But it also means it's a veritable crap shoot when you order online and that the "small" can encompass all possible permutations within the sizing spectrum. This might fuel, to an extent, my severe love/hate relationship with Urban Renewal.

Ok, so unrelated, I am scared to death of spiders. Like seriously. I can't even look at pictures of them without starting to cry in terror. With that said, it's pretty neat because the warm weather has driven all the shit you want out of your house inside. Like spiders. You ever get the feeling that there's something on you and then there's nothing there? Well that keeps happening to me, except there is something there, there's a goddamn tiny spider. This has even happened to me while I was sleeping. IN MY BED. MY BED. The one island of safety I had left from spiders.

I stayed up all night watching Married with Children and Booty Call because I couldn't face entering my bed.

My whole life my mom has always told me that because I am so much bigger than them that there is nothing to worry about. Now Mom, I love you and all, but guess what? I am also physically larger than handguns, prison shanks and cyanide capsules, but I still feel it's good practice to avoid them at all cost.

Oh well, spiders or no spiders, today is PERFECT out. Sooooo gorgeous. I hope everyone else's weather is just as great :) have wonderful days anyone who might see this!


  1. HAHA...loooove that justification of yours. (funny cause I've used it too)! Great dress for Mexico, the print is lovely. Oh, and whenever I refer to the BF, I use BF. Couldn't be bothered typing out the two words :)

    ps., those shades are floating around EBay so I'm sure you could find them :)

  2. Super cute summer dress. I hate buying stuff online, it never ends up fitting right. I think Mexico is going to be awesome and I wouldn't worry about it. And you should definitely buy something really Mexicany while you're there. And drink margaritas. And wear a sombrero in the sun.

  3. To start, I'm absolutely loving that dress! I'm sure your time in Mexico will be amazing! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the nice warm (spiderless) sun! I'm absolutely scared to DEATH of snakes. I literally see a picture and thats the end of it. Anxiety and the whole nine yards. I feel like people who are afraid of spiders aren't usually afraid of snakes and vise versa.
    Hope you're having a great monday and thank you for the comment on my blog!

  4. That dress is on another level amazing, the fit is stellar!

  5. oh, I'm sure you'll have a great time in Mexico! I know what you mean though- to listen to the news here, the ratio of Canadians that die horribly in Mexico seems to be 45% of tourists...mostly at their hotel!

    I can handle skinny spiders, but not the ones with bloated abdomens...ugh. I remember once lying in bed watching a spider crawl across the ceiling, to right over my face, where he promptly dropped down on a web. I got out of there in time, but I don't know what he wanted with me!

  6. Oh my gosh. You are pretty hysterical. I have a similar phobia of spiders. I use to "see" them at night when I would wake out of sleep. Then they would magically disappear. This happened repeatedly. Finally, I decided to tell my doctor about it. I could tell he was trying not to laugh.

  7. Whenever I see a spider, I put a cup or bowl over it and flee. But then I feel bad and end up setting it free outside. Or flush it down the toilet. Depends on my mood.

    Great dress for Mexico. It's effortless and fabulous! And easy to run in, should you be pursued at gun point by an enraged drug dealer.

  8. Your argument about the spiders is definitely valid one. They're so creepy crawly!! Have fun in Mexico! You'll have fun I'm sure:)

  9. I love that dress. It's so pretty! Perfect for Mexico weather!

  10. love the dress. it's beautiful. especially love it with the boots! the mix of girly and rocker is awesome!

    have fun in mexico. it is dangerous in certain parts, but if you're going on vacation, i'm sure those cities are pretty safe.

    hope you enjoy your time with Bahb!


  11. perfect for holiday indeed! i love how you styled it.

  12. Weird, could have sworn I pressed the follow button before...darn computer! Following now :)

  13. <3 d dress! color cut neckline and pockets! I need to get more dresses with pockets!

    Have fun in Mexico!

  14. funny story!! haha...
    is Mexico safe these days? I always wanted to go there but we are worried....good for you that it is warming out there, I love how you wear the boots with your socks and dress=)


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