Monday, April 25, 2011

Tengo que estudiar para la física como nadie

That should say "I need to study for physics like nobody's business."

So my final in physics is Wednesday, and I didn't study at all this weekend because I had family in town on Friday and Saturday and then Sunday was Easter... I guess I could have started studying last week in anticipation of the busy weekend, but... naaaaaaah...

Dress: Betsey Johnson
Belt: it's old and from Nordstrom Rack
Scarf: thrifted
Open-toed Oxfords: Sam Edelman
Sun Glasses: Ray Bans

This dress was originally in the neighborhood of $250, the exact price eludes me right now, but it was marked down to $20 when I bought it! Freaking steal.

So I'm head scarfin' thanks to the ever inspiring Miss Lydia. Head scarves, although adorable, are not things I usually work into an outfit. I am going to have to start branching out with accessories this summer though, because when it's 117 degrees out for the 11th day in a row, you don't much feel like experimenting with layers or patterned tights. You really just want to wear a swimsuit and flip flops everywhere.

It's going to be a challenge if I'm going to pass off my incessant wearing of these high-waisted cut-off shorts as something with at least a modicum of fashion merit. I mean incessant, I am not embarrassed to say these shorts have been worn for almost a week straight before. They stretch out and fit so perfectly after the first day, that it's hard not to just keep picking them up off the floor every morning.

Enough about my gross and possibly unhygienic affinity for those shorts.

Did everyone have wonderful Easters? Or wonderful non-denominational springtime holidays of your choosing?

Was the weather nice and Eastery? In the Phoenix area it's unbelievably perfect outside right now, so I'm going to go climb on my roof and study for the rest of the day.

Have great Mondays anyone who might see this!


  1. Me enecanta el moño que llevas en la cabeza

  2. Good work with the head scarf. It's kicky! Cute dress too - what a steal.

    Physics was my least favorite subject in college. I took a class called "Physics for Poets" thinking it would be easy, because, well, poets are not known for their mathematical/scientific acumen, correct? Well, I was wrong. I had to try very, very hard in that class, which wasn't my original intent. So that sort of blew.

    All of this is to say good luck with your physics final.

  3. Yay head accessories!!! You may reference me whenever your little heart desires. Thanks for the shout out. Sometimes I just don't feel dressed until I've tied something around my head. That dress is crazy cute. One of my best friends used to be the store manager of a Betsey Johnson store, and I wound up with several free dresses that had some sort of minor damage or something. You always find the best deals; please share strategy.

    Those shoes are my favorite things ever. I looooove open toe shoes, and this is like the perfect combo.

    As much as I like clothes, my body type sometimes makes them frustrating, and in the summer the only thing I want to wear is a bikini. I have a wardrobe of swimwear. I WISH I could get away with just letting it all hang out in a bathing suit from June til September, but alas, my job requires real clothes. And like, being in public in general.

    Mirrored windows. Your house sounds so rad.

  4. I had a great Easter! The weather was nice! Finally! I'm sure you had a great Easter too! That dress is adorable on you and I love how you got it for a decent price. :)

  5. Uh yeah, I once dropped a major because I was forced to take statistics. If I had to take physics I would probably drop out of college altogether. So props to you, lady.

    And wow. That dress is a steal. And pretty adorable too. But my faves are the shoes. I think I need those.

  6. Alex thank you for your lovely words at my blog I will love to hear your experience can you send me an email??

    Thank you :)

  7. so pretty outfit w the headband on! you remind me of my friend Amanda..(you can search her on my blog)...esp now that she had a pixie hairstyle too! your dress is a cutie!do u actually know how to speak Spanish?

  8. Super cute from head to toe...


  9. very nice outfit:)...I like your blog..You have super style...I follow you

  10. love it!

  11. Super cute dress!! Wow, that is a steal, I'd love to own something Betsy Johnson!

  12. i love that dress and seriously that not a deal thats a freebee! such a good price. omg i can totally relate to the heat and wanting to wear the same comfy shorts everyday. im in florida and its so hot already i wanna dip into a snocone and never come out


  13. Good luck with the paper! Physics ya? tough!

    Never thought scarfing was possible for short've inspired me to try! ;)

  14. Cute look, summer vibe!

  15. that headband perfects your look!

  16. So my feed on my blogger homepage keeps saying you have a new post about getting a blog award, but everytime I try to look at it, this is still the most recent one. What's going on, I want to read about your award!!!!!!!!!!

  17. You got that dress for an incredible price, I must admit. I'm impressed. I'm a deal-finder, but usually of the thrifted variety. Kudos to you.

    And about the physics exam... pssh. If you don't know it, you don't know it, right? Just don't sweat it and go blow the top off the test. Haha. Or something like that.

  18. I LOVE this dress! Anything Betsey Johnson is always fab. This is no exception! You look great!


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