Friday, April 29, 2011

Will someone please take me somewhere I can wear this?

You might remember from this post that I was trying to get my dad to start a blog so he could have a place to put his pictures. Well he did start a blog, The Attempted Photographer, and you can find it here!

Now, let's be clear before we go any further, I definitely did not wear this to school today.

I had on icky jeans and closed-toed shoes *blech* because I needed to go the lab today. I got there ready to test the permeability on these supports I made last week, but since I read directions good and stuff and I completely skipped the step where I dry them in a furnace for 24 hours, it would be impossible to accurately test the permeability.  Ah well. So I put them in the furnace and since there really wasn't too much else for me to do for the next 24 hours, I took off.

Since I had originally allotted this time for lab/school related activities, I felt I could justify sneaking in some thriftin' time.

So I went to a Goodwill I hardly ever go to, and I left with two fabulous 90's dresses and a purse made from a Navajo tapestry.  

While both dresses are pretty freaking sweet, the one pictured is absolutely perfect.  So perfect it warranted an unplanned post.

It's a soft, thick velvet that has no stretch to it whatsoever.  This dress fits because it is literally cut to the exact specifications of my torso.  It is a little shorter than I would have liked, but it doesn't ride up at all, so I can't complain.

Please disregard the horrendous mosquito bite on my back.  I would have photoshopped it out, but skills like that elude me completely.
Dress: thrifted today
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Sun Glasses: Gucci

Wow, so I have been studying nonstop, not even breaking to sleep for a couple of nights there, since Sunday. I just had a chance to catch up with Yahoo! and I am amazed at what I missed.

First of all, who knew that Princess Di's kid got married? Good for him.  I saw a few pictures, and holy shit, Kate Middleton is probably the most beautiful bride I could imagine.  I am in awe of her, seriously.

And then, of course, there is the utter devastation from tornadoes and flooding in the south.  I mean whole towns just erased from the map?  What?  The highest death toll since 1932?  How is this possible in 2011?  The images are striking.  And unsettling. These are people just like me, who, up until a couple of days ago, would wake up in the morning and wander into their closets and wonder what to wear.  Maybe some of them did the 30 for 30 challenge?  Or had their own blahg?

I found a great website Clothes4Souls that will deliver your contributions directly to the victims of these recent tornadoes.  I have bags and bags I was going to give to Goodwill, and while the Goodwill is an excellent organization that I support fully, I want to feel like I'm doing something to help the victims of these tornadoes directly.

While I have no delusions that the magnitude of what was lost can be replaced by gifts of my gently used clothing, it still makes me feel like maybe I'm helping give someone a little bit of normalcy back.

Anyway, on that somber note... have good weekends anyone who might see this.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Lover-ly Blog Award

Ok, so I have been having just the weirdest problems with this particular post. Like THE weirdest most random and frustrating problems ever... I have been trying to get it to work and it just won't!  Hopefully it works now! *Crosses fingers*

Anyway!  It seems that in the frantic flurry of crap I have to do before this semester ends I completely missed the wonderful award that Miss Gretchen at GretchTM so graciously bestowed upon me!  GretchTM is a blog that I have found myself completely enamored with as of late, so if it weren't GretchTM awarding me this, she would definitely be on my list of 15.

It is the One Lovely Blog Award, and just look at that little icon... it's so girly and pretty, and, well, lovely!

Now for the rules...
1. I need to link back to the person who passed me this award... Check!
2. Share seven random things about myself... See below.
3. Award 15 blogs... Also see below.
4. Drop them a note to tell them about it... I will do this... soonish, promise!

Seven Random Things by Alex

1. These people down the street from me have a zebra, two llamas, two ponies and two goats living in their front yard. This isn't about me, really, but they have a freaking ZEBRA!

2. One time, after finals my first semester as an engineering major, I decided to treat myself and buy this pair of Miss Sixty jeans I'd been eying (spell check says that's right, but I don't believe it) at the mall. I went in, walked right to where they were in the store, bought them and left taking no more than fifteen minutes and when I walked out I discovered my car, my perfect in every way dream car, a champion white, 5-speed, 1994 Acura Integra GSR (NOT LS with V-tech, but a GSR) was stolen. I miss that pretty little girl, she was so fast and clean and every Integra I've seen since then just pales in comparison!

3. My favorite candy is any variety of M&M's (except for maybe coconut, I can take or leave those).

4. I want to be a professor at a research university when I grow up. Can you still say "when I grow up" at almost 25?

5. My collection of jeans is worth over $6000, but I probably spent less than $500 total over the course of the last three or four years on jeans. Seriously, I know how to shop. That sounds obnoxious, but I don't mean it to be, it's just an irrefutable fact that I just require everything I purchase to be dirt cheap. As a good friend of mine used to tell me, "you just can't stop saving!"

6. I'm Polish and Italian.

7. My first car was a beautiful, gold 30 year old Mercedes, that got in so many accidents, and hit so many times in the parking lot by my dorm freshman year, that this is what it eventually looked like... I rocked that car for years with those stickers on it!

So there you have it. It's weird that two out of seven had to do with cars, sorry, next time I'll strive for greater diversity in my random facts!

Fifteen Lovely Blogs

No pressure to do this yourselves, of course, I just like giving due credit to the all of the wonderful blogs I frequent.

So I was planning on wearing something completely different today, but when I walked into my closet and saw this pharaoh print Motel top I got at Buffalo Exchange forever ago and have yet to wear, I knew I had no choice but to reschedule the other outfit.

I had a long night studying last night, in fact, I haven't been to bed yet, I just kept on trucking until my 8:30 a.m. appointment with my advisor. So I am a sleepy guy.

Dress: Urban Outfitters (Pins & Needles)
Top: Motel
Scarfthrifted years ago
Bracelets: Forever 21
SandalsDolce Vita
Bag: vintage Coach
Sun Glasses: Betsey Johnson

I make weird faces. In my defense I'm super tired so I'm seriously just staring off into space here... Aaaruuuugh?? *turns head to the side and blinks vacantly*

It's so windy out! I don't even want to think about what may or may not have made an appearance as my dress blew in the wind while I walked to school this morning. Oh good.

But that's no matter now, because muh mama is on a plane right now, that's right, a plane heading to Phoenix! Wooo! She and my stepdad are driving to Palm Springs for the rest of the week, and then they're coming back and spending three or four days in town. It's not a whole lot of time, but it will still be good to see her, and to shop of course.

Also, she will fiiiiiiinally get to meet Bahb! Hooray!

Alright, enough of this! I have to study more, fuss fuss fuss fuss fuss FUSS!

And I want to apologize that I'm really not bringing my blogging "A Game", as it were. I'm a trifle distracted with an inordinate amount of stupid school stuff. But summer will be here soon...

Have a wonderful day anyone who might read this :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Tengo que estudiar para la física como nadie

That should say "I need to study for physics like nobody's business."

So my final in physics is Wednesday, and I didn't study at all this weekend because I had family in town on Friday and Saturday and then Sunday was Easter... I guess I could have started studying last week in anticipation of the busy weekend, but... naaaaaaah...

Dress: Betsey Johnson
Belt: it's old and from Nordstrom Rack
Scarf: thrifted
Open-toed Oxfords: Sam Edelman
Sun Glasses: Ray Bans

This dress was originally in the neighborhood of $250, the exact price eludes me right now, but it was marked down to $20 when I bought it! Freaking steal.

So I'm head scarfin' thanks to the ever inspiring Miss Lydia. Head scarves, although adorable, are not things I usually work into an outfit. I am going to have to start branching out with accessories this summer though, because when it's 117 degrees out for the 11th day in a row, you don't much feel like experimenting with layers or patterned tights. You really just want to wear a swimsuit and flip flops everywhere.

It's going to be a challenge if I'm going to pass off my incessant wearing of these high-waisted cut-off shorts as something with at least a modicum of fashion merit. I mean incessant, I am not embarrassed to say these shorts have been worn for almost a week straight before. They stretch out and fit so perfectly after the first day, that it's hard not to just keep picking them up off the floor every morning.

Enough about my gross and possibly unhygienic affinity for those shorts.

Did everyone have wonderful Easters? Or wonderful non-denominational springtime holidays of your choosing?

Was the weather nice and Eastery? In the Phoenix area it's unbelievably perfect outside right now, so I'm going to go climb on my roof and study for the rest of the day.

Have great Mondays anyone who might see this!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Antelope Canyon (Page, AZ)

These pictures were taken by muh dad at Antelope Canyon.

And one of the sunrise over Lake Powell.

So my dad always takes amazing pictures and I am trying to get him to make a blog, even if it's just for friends and family, so he can showcase them.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

La Familia

A Saturday post? How strange!

I feel it is pretty necessary though.

Last night I went to dinner with my wonderful cousins, Abby and Chrissy, and their parents, also known as my aunt and uncle. Now I haven't seen Abby in almost 3 years and she was thisclose to 21 the last time I saw her, so no boozey antics could ensue.

This time, however, with Abby at the ripe old age of 22, we were free to proceed.

So after an A-mazing dinner (I mean really... A-MAZING... I tried the butterfish... holy shit) at this place called Roy's in Scottsdale, I took Abby with me back to Tempe.

This is not what I wore out last night. Oh my GOODNESS, that outfit was to die-for though. I'll get to this outfit later.

Anyway, back at my house we got ourselves all did up while we waited for my charming and perfect-in-every-way friend (seriously... I would hate her for being so perfect if I didn't love her so much) Emma to arrive. As soon as Emma got here we went straight to Casey Moore's to meet Bahb.

I had intended on taking Abby down Mill to all of the popular college bars, but meh... once I am at Casey Moore's I never really leave until closing time it seems. It didn't matter anyway because we had a freaking blast. It was awesome to see Abby loosen up and drink and be herself without her parents around for the first time since I've known her. It was also one of those nights at the bar where you seem to know everyone at least vaguely.

We got home at like 3:30 a.m. after stopping by Filiberto's (Abby grew up in Illinois and goes to college in Omaha, so real Mexican food is NOT something she is used to). After burritos we drunkenly chit chatted until we passed out.

We were both wide-awake, amazingly enough, at 8 the next morning. We got dressed and got some Dunkin Donuts, and after a quick drive around campus and various other "points of interest" (kind of like an Alex Reality Tour), we went to meet my aunt and cousin at Scottsdale Fashion Square.

This is what I wore to the mall today. I had only intended on staying until noon, because I have finals this week and need to study, but I was having such a great time shopping with my cousins and aunt that I didn't end up leaving until 5. It was so sad to say bye! I hate that part!

Dress: Built by Wendy
Jacket: Target
Beads: the Goodwill by my house
Sandals: Frye
Bag: Lucky Brand
Hat: Buffalo Exchange

It's especially sad because my aunt looks and acts so much like my mom, and since she moved across the country to Maryland, I miss the shit out of her. Especially shopping. That's what we did. We shopped like mothereffers. Side note, sometimes my mom would keep me home from school when I was growing up so we could go shopping... Goddamn I love that woman.

Naturally I was feeling kind of melancholy on the drive back to my house, so I decided I needed the kind of cheering up that only my babies can provide me with, so I stopped by my ex's house and picked up the boxer puppies we got together, Gertrude (5 years old) and Tonka Truck (4 years old). For more on the complexities of this situation and darling pictures of my babies, click here.

That's Tonka Truck standing real tall! That face freaking KILLS me... sooooo cute!

Gertrude didn't want to get in many of these, she can be camera shy, but she's on the left and Tonk's going to town with the kisses.

Oh, and I took the wig off a mannequin in Macy's. My head itches like crazy, I am CONVINCED I have lice now.

Anyway, it was a nice 24 hours :)

Have wonderful weekends anyone who might see this!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Leopard and Lace

Seriously, who turned up the bright? Today's a migraine type-a day, and everything is just SO bright and just SO loud. It has been difficult to focus my eyes on anything and those annoying little lights I see when I have a migraine rendered me incapable of reading and obtaining meaning.

Basically I just stared vacantly in class today.

Dress: Urban Outfitters (Lucca Couture)
Belt: H&M
Flats: Dolce Vita for Target
Bag: Vintage Dooney
Sun Glasses: Gucci

I wore my biggest sun glasses in an attempt to keep myself as protected from the sunny elements as possible... it actually kind of helped!

If you've ever spent time in a college town, you have probably been honked at while crossing the street. This happens a lot. Sometimes there are honks and other times things are yelled, sometimes vulgar, sometimes sweet.

For example: I have been called every derogatory word out there for women and been beseeched to "show my tits" and one such gentleman even requested I perform fellatio on him, but not in those terms... SWOON! But I have also had someone yell out the window that I was the woman they were going to marry, and one guy slowed down to an awkward speed to tell me that I was "the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen." Was he using hyperbole? OF COURSE. Does it beat that time I was called a whore when I was walking back to my dorm with groceries? Yup.

Anyway, my point? What is the point? What is the expected end result? I received not one, not two, but three cat calls while walking to school today, and it confused me. I mean how should one interpret that? I have been getting yelled at and honked at while walking around ASU's campus for seven years now, so I'm used to it, but still?

I have never yelled out the car window at a guy. I am sure it happens, but probably with nowhere NEAR the prevalence with which it happens to women.

And then, of course, I start to worry whether they were just being assholes and making fun of me because I am so obviously unattractive, but then I realize I don't give a shit if they think I am unattractive, but still, that would be mean and I hate knowing there are people like that in the world, but...

It goes on and on, which is why in seven years I have never ranted about this, I just tune it out. I just turn my iPod up as loud as it goes and figure they weren't yelling at me, even if I'm the only one around.

Ok, fwew, feels good to finally get all that out. Well, at least some of it out, I would really love to expound upon the gender roles aspect of this, but I have neither the energy nor the basic motor skills requisite of an intelligible discussion at this point.

But really, muh brains hurt. It's MEATLOAF NIGHT!!!! Yes, you read right... MEATLOAF NIGHT!!!! My baby daddy's coming over and we're going to finally have ourselves some loaf and 'tatoes and Butter Tastin'! Until then I'm going to hole up in my room with my Disney Princesses ice pack.

Sorry if this post was just plain strange. There are a lot of things "misfiring" in my head right now, and Lord only knows what I've ended up typing. I would reread it, but the white screen with the black letters is KILLING me... haha, I've just been watching my fingers this whole time.

But oh my GOODNESS, Howie! It's Friday tomorrow! I hope every single wonderful person who happens upon my blog has a lovely night!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


This dress, along with yesterday's shirt and a few cheap belts were all from the same H&M trip I was bitchin' about yesterday. I got my hair done right across the way and since they're both 25 miles from my house, I decided, "eh! why not?!" and wandered over to the H&M after my hair appointment.

UPDATE: I now know "why not?!"

But I did leave with this fabulous dress! It is ethereal and dreamy and makes me feel like a fairy or a woodland imp or Puck from "A Midsummer Night's Dream", which are all fabulous things to feel like in my book. It was only $19.99 and it is made out of recycled water bottles. Well played, H&M, well played.

This dress is shapeless, but wonderful. Which is very out of character for me since I am a huge "belter." I always always always put a damn belt around a dress. This might be from years of religiously watching What Not to Wear, but it also might be because I am finally accepting that I am a grown woman with curves (well, kind of) and that's a pretty HUGE step for me.

Does anyone else remember puberty being super traumatic? At the time I distinctly remember swearing to God I would stab the next person who said "you're just becoming a woman" to me with a sharpened toothbrush. It was a brutal time in my life. It seemed like everyone wanted to talk to me about hormones or the "changes" my body was going through or something equally as nauseating to a 13 year old.

In retrospect, it is what it is, but at the time... what the shit?! I got a waist and hips and cheek bones and that kind of stuff, but I'm still waiting for the boobs. At this point in my life I could care less (I love muh little guys!), but at 12, 13, 14... it was torture!

Dress: H&M
Bag: Thrifted
Boots: Franco Sarto
Bolo: the Goodwill by my house

Speaking of my MIA boobs, the most poignant moment of realization about how men view women came to me in 8th grade. I was walking into a pep assembly and some boys by the door were yelling "Kansas" at me and my friends. I remember thinking that's strange, but I wasn't too worried about it. Later that day I remembered them yelling "Kansas" and went over to the encyclopedias (haha, YESSSSSS, this was before the internet!) and looked up Kansas. When I read the very first sentence and it included the phrase "flat plains" I knew exactly to what they were referring.

I find it funny as hell now, but oh my GOODNESS was I upset then.

Isn't it magical to be young? It is especially striking to look back at all of the occurrences that were suuuuuuch HUGE DEALS back then and now, with over a decade of time having passed, they are nothing more than silly anecdotes.

Honestly, if I'd known then what I know now, yeah, being a teenager wouldn't have been nearly as dramatic or jarring, but really? I needed to go through that kind of stuff, I know it made me empathetic and self-deprecating and goofy. It made me understand that no one is bulletproof and that there will always be people who have something negative to say. It kind of helps you get out of this sort of sense of self that is based on external input and into a much better defined internal sense of self. If I was never picked on, who knows? I'd probably be one unpleasant, cocky sumbitch.

So cheers junior high me, you did me a solid :)

Again, rambles rambles rambles, or, for my second Shakespeare reference of the post, "words, words, WORDS!"

Have wonderful hump days anyone who might see this!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Scout's Honor

Holy cannoli! I know it is just SUCH a dorky grown up thing to say... but seriously, there are NOT enough hours in the day!

I've been running around like a chicken with muh dagblum head cut off just trying to keep up with life right now.

I woke up at 8:15 this morning and had an appointment to meet with my grad advisor at 8:30... I miraculously did my makeup, ironed this entire outfit, switched purses, drove the three miles to school (and it's a trafficy three miles), found parking, walked the half mile to campus and made it to his office by 8:48. NBD.

Button Up: H&M
Skirt: American Apparel
Heart Scarf: Guess
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Sun Glasses: Ray Bans

That reminds me... has anyone ever had a truly PLEASANT experience shopping at H&M? I mean, like relaxing, enjoyable and refreshing? Every time I go there it's always utter chaos. I usually leave with little more than a grumpy attitude. They are relatively new to the Phoenix area though, so that might explain why the two stores here always look like they are the only structures that remain standing in the wake of complete nuclear destruction.

GRRRRR! I'm so fussy and angry like! I'm not really, it's these damn sunglasses, they always slide down my nose. Tis all.

WHAT?! I literally went, "hey, I should jump" and kind of hopped in the air. I am pretty much taken aback by the height I achieved with such little effort.

For as hectic and bumbling and frustrating as my day has been, I managed to maintain a good mood by virtue of this outfit. I felt springy and feminine and charming all day long!

Has anyone else ever had an all around better day because they were wearing a particularly happy outfit? Is that weird?! It sounds vacuous to say that the clothes one wears can have a bearing on how they view the world, but really, all day I looked down and saw a heart print scarf and fluffy skirt and banana colored boat shoes... I couldn't help but feel cheerful! I say whatever works!

I am exhausted. Beat. Drained. I have slept less than six hours out of the last 60, and there is no end in sight. I can't bitch though, some sick part of me loves the abuse...

I have to put my nose back to that grindstone (for those of you keeping track at home, that is the second corny "adult" saying of this post) but before I leave, I wanted to thank you all for the kind things you had to say about my hair. I am not especially attached to my hair (I had it buzzed just a few months ago for Christ's sake) but I still want to know it looks ok, you know? So thanks guys, I really appreciate it, and it helped me get past those first few days of that new-hair uncertainty.

Have a wonderful Tuesday evening anyone who might see this :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

the "cold" shoulder... get it?!

Ok, so I never pay full price for anything clothing and/or accessory related. I always shop at thrift stores or on eBay or sale. It's just how I've always been, anything less than 60% off fails to rouse my interest.

With that said, I had no choice but to pay full price for this shirt. I tried to avoid it, of course, I checked out eBay and Etsy and just plain googled "denim shirt shoulder cut outs" and after an afternoon of searching high and low for a cheaper version I gave in and bought it off

Look at it! Isn't it wonderful? I am going to wear the hell out of this shirt. Period. I have worn it nonstop since I found the little bundle of joy on my doorstep Saturday night.

I also need to learn to sew. I could have saved, oh $55 if I just bought the old man's denim button up at the Goodwill and did this myself. Any one know of any good books on learning to sew? I have a sewing machine and all the tools, and my mom is incredibly talented at sewing... it's genetic right?!

Two things I didn't pay full price for? The fabulous J Brand jeans and Jeffrey Campbell clogs I am wearing. The jeans I got for, I think, like $20 new in stores, because perhaps I'm the only one who loves their cinnamony hue? Maybe? And the clogs... oh the clogs! I found those at ROSS, yes, Ross. The stinking Dress for Less. How random to find JC's at a Ross, but I didn't ask questions.

Shirt: Urban Outfitters (Urban Renewal)
Jeans: J Brand
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Bolo: the Goodwill by my house

I also dyed muh hair. Look at, it's dark now!

Look at that face... apparently even I can't believe it!

So, the fabulous Claire at Spinning Threads tagged me in a post about my 10 favorite things, and I'm super excited to do that because, I mean really, how often do we sit down and appreciate the little things in life? It's been shown that to take a few minutes every morning and write down three things you are thankful for or that you appreciate having in your life can actually improve one's quality of life, and sometimes the effect is pretty freaking substantial. It's a great premise, and I fully intend on giving those ten little things I love their deserved recognition.

Just not today! I am sooooo late and sooooo inundated with homework and quizzes and projects and shit to do in the lab, that I hafta be pretty brief!

I know this is an obvious and kind of stupid thing to say, but one weird thing about this shirt is how cold my damn shoulders get. You NEVER think about your shoulders and their subsequent temperature save for when they are oddly enough the only portion of your torso exposed. I really should have seen that coming.

Oh no! It's stupid Monday! Have wonderful and productive and happy Mondays anyone who might read this :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Annie Get Your Gun(ne)

Eeesh, that's a bad pun.

Anyway, travel back in time with me. To a time before grad school and laying awake at night wondering how I'm going to fund 4 more years of this... travel back with me to a simpler, gentler time, let's go back to May of 2009, shall we?

I started working at the helicopter company I currently work at three days after graduating college. It was a weird transition. I was used to sleeping three nights a week maximum and always being tweaked out from Redlines and NoDoz, and all of the sudden my time after 5 was my own. Not to mention the, oh, 1400% pay increase from the tiny part time job I had at a pizza place.

In retrospect it was glorious.

It was around this time I started my year long obsession with vintage Gunne Sax dresses. I was obsessed I tell you. Brandon knows what I'm talking about. I would email him like 5 times a day with different Gunne Sax dresses I was in love with.

If I found one I wanted, it was straight war. I would get crazy with the eBay bidding.

In fact, this dress is very near and dear to my heart because it was during the height of my Gunne obsession that I started dating Bahb. The first time I went over to his apartment he opened the door and I walked right in saying "I need to use your computer." The auction for this dress was ending, and I needed to make sure I won.

Dress: vintage Gunne Sax
Button Up: Forever 21
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Bag: thrifted treasure

I'm only "face-showin'" again because I couldn't find the sunglasses I wanted to wear. They were hiding in my truck.

Note the fabulous handmade bag! I got it at a thrift store and it was love at first sight.

Close up of my wonderful bag. Don't you love when you buy something and you more or less know that it is something you will use the crap out of for years and probably always have? I can't see myself ever not being in love with this bag. Pieces like this are the reason I shop.

Anyway! I digress.

This dress is also sentimental for another reason. It is the dress I wore the first time Bahb and I kissed. As I mentioned earlier, I won this dress at his apartment and by the next time we were planning on hanging out I had already received and laundered it, so I wore it.

The whole time we were talking (and microwaving random things we found around his apartment) I was just sitting there thinking "HEY! kiss me!" I remember staying a really long time because I was working up the nerve to kiss him first. Finally I ran out of excuses for staying and really did need to be leaving and I, internally, started freaking out knowing that I had to do SOMETHING, and fast!

So he walked me to the door and I was like "fuck it" and decided to kiss him. I had never kissed anyone as tall as him (he's like 6'7) and completely missed and ended up kissing the lower left part of his chin. I was so embarrassed I just said "ok, bye!" and turned to leave. Fortunately he stopped me and we tried again, with him standing two full steps below me on the stairs.

Aren't we all delightfully and charmingly bumbling at times, especially when it comes to the earlier stages of courtship?

What's the saying? To make a complete ass of yourself is human, but to be able to laugh about it is divine? Something like that?

Happy almost Friday to anyone who sees this!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

She works hard for the money...

Hi there, my name is Alex and I kind of look like a mujeres de noche. Just practicing my Spanish, no big deal.

I believe that means lady of the night... or hooker. In my defense it's been 8 years since I took Spanish in high school, and we didn't cover terms for sex workers, if you can believe it.

It was a little chilly at 8 a.m. when I left for class, so I put on these knee socks. I never cease to be amazed how bare legs with a short dress and wedges can look so much more modest than when knee socks are added into the equation. I feel this is borderline vulgar. Why are oversized socks such a sexually explicit item of clothing?

I feel like I am always wearing sunglasses or looking away... this is my face. Say hi to anyone who might read this, Face.

My face is kind of scrunched up because it is so super bright outside, but I reckon you get the gist.

You know what's weird? Every time I mention something I'm excited about on this little guy, it never ends up happening.

Por ejemplo, I mentioned wanting to go to Tombstone once. On the Sunday I would have gone, my truck gave up on life.

Then I was excited about MEATLOAF DAY!!!! But Bahb and I couldn't end up getting together until like 8 p.m. that night, so an hour worth of prep time was not going to happen. We ended up having amazing sausages and mac n' cheese and Butter Tastin' though, so no complaints.

And finally, Mexico! I was actually starting to get really excited because you guys were great at talking me down from my irrational fears (I appreciate it so much!) and then... BOOM... finals are in two weeks and I need every waking weekend moment to study.

Bahb said we can go as soon as finals are over, which might be better. You know, give me a sun-drenched, margarita-soaked light at the end of the tunnel.

Jeez, something definitely not helping to lessen to tarty vibe to this outfit is the pink polka dot bra strap sticking out... oh no! I'm a lady!

Dress: Urban Outfitters (Urban Renewal)
Knee Socks: Target
Purse: Dooney & Bourke from the Goodwill by my house
Necklace: rhodium plated sterling silver from Target
(What's that? Inert metal coating at Target's prices? Score.)
Shoes: Nanette Lepore for Keds

So a long time before I used to take pictures of myself in what I wear on a daily basis, I used to leave the house in things without really knowing how it translated.

Case in point: I wore this to meet Bahb's parents for the first time. In retrospect, it might have looked like their son just brought an escort along to dinner, but, eh, what're you going to do?

So as I sit here typing this, eating my lunch of a burrito in a bag I am reminded of something else from the night I met Bahb's parents. We were chatting before the food arrived, and keep in mind that I was pretty nervous still, when his mom asked me what my favorite type of foods are.

This is the type of question like "what's your last name?" and "where did you grow up?" that you should have an idea how to answer without too much hesitation. But I freaked out, started stuttering and just blurted out "burritos in a bag!" And they just politely smiled at me and carried the conversation in another direction.

So yeah, it's not a terrible story, but I still cringe when I think about it. And here I am eating a burrito in a bag wearing the very same outfit I met them in. There is a certain type of comfort in the linearity of life.

Siiiigh. Nom nom nom nom. I do love these damn burritos though.

Have great days anyone who might see this :)
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