Friday, April 1, 2011

Fuss 'n Grumbles

So this week has been one of THOSE weeks.

The type where you shirk any and all responsibilities... there was a class that I did not attend once. At the graduate level, I should know better...

Can I just chalk this week up to a mental vacay and get back on track next week? I am beating myself up about this, and it's driving me crazy and making me feel physically ill...

I solemnly swear I will attend all my classes next week. I will. Promise!

I also kept repeating, "Hooray Tombstone on Sunday!" and variations thereof to my boyfriend yesterday, so the idea can gel a little bit.

I have a ton of make up work to do to get back on track, but maybe the motivation of a little trip will be just what I need.

Top: H&M
Jeans: Levi's
Shoes: Vans
Bra Thingy: American Apparel
Glasses: Ray Bans

Thanks for all the suggestions on photo takin'!

I have to admit that I get cut off in traffic every day of my life, people let doors slam shut in front of my face all the time, people write "fuck you" on the tip line on receipts (this actually happened all the time to me when I worked at a pizza place during my undergrad, it was open till 4 in the morning so we got a lot of rude, drunk people) and I was riding my bike the other day and someone who ran a red light and almost hit me yelled "is that a man or a woman?!" out his car window after me. So in short, people SUCK...

However, I am so sweetly surprised with how amazing the blahging community is! You guys are supportive of each other and friendly and it's truly remarkable to witness people who would otherwise be complete strangers give advice and compliments and genuinely extend good wishes to one another... GROUP HUG!


  1. Thank you so much for the nomination Alex, you rock! ^-^

    I'm going to do all my nominations and such on Sunday, so expect a post soon. And don't worry about taking a brain-reviving break - I've been essaying all week and it's taken its sluggish toll. I feel like someone's run over my brain with a steam roller...

    C x

  2. Wow you rock those jeans and that striped H&M top! :) I love your glasses too!
    Oh I know what you mean about Rude people, they're just ignoranti (as we say in Italian!)and should be ignored...
    And you're right, isn't it so nice to see everyone encouraging each other on blogs! =)

  3. YAY for group hugs (boo for rude people!). I really like that picture with your double reflection. Very cool!

    I love the striped shirt and floral jeans. Princess Sparkles has a striped shirt almost exactly like yours (it's my absolute fave and I like to dress her in it ALL THE TIME!). The glasses are fab too!

  4. *Hugs back*

    I always have those kind of today, I was busy running around in 5 inches stilettos..and done zero school work though an assignment is due on Friday...don't beat yourself up for it...I think it's ok to go on "mental vacay" once in a while ;)

    love those Jeans! <3

  5. I love your striped top! it's beautiful!

  6. I love how awesome the blogging community is. Sometimes I wonder how genuine all the "OMG I looove your ______!!" comments are that fly all over the place, but regardless, I love that at least there's so much praise and positivity and acceptance and inspiration. You, by the way, are adorable, and OMG I looove your hair!! (That was genuine)

  7. Che bello questo blog! anche io ho appena aperto un blog di street style! Se vuoi puoi divenare mia follower!

  8. how can I get those Levi's pants?? your outfit is so chic!i swear not to wear other brands except Levi's...but was'nt able to help buying a pr of high wasted Guess! speaking of Bike ride, I am dying to do it! it's been a year since I gave birth...good thing you were safe!joining the " Hug"

  9. Where did you take these photos? They're a perfect location! Walls and bloggers are a match made in heaven haha.

    LOVE those floral Levis, they're awesome on you and totally a cheery summer outfit too. I love the blogging community, I've made some awesome friends this way which is so strange when I tell me real life friends, but you know. The blogosphere is a strange old place isn't it?

  10. i love your top and how you paired it with printed leggings!

  11. oh my word you almost got hit by a car and they said that. c'mon people how dumb can you be. But I agree I love the blog world. People tend to be so nice and I love meeting nice people dont you? hehehe

    But I love this look those pants are amazing on you. Wish I had your figure, i'm slowly working on it one day fingers crossed.

    Write it in Lipstick
    i'm a follower

  12. i am a total sucker for anything stripes..... and a grrl in vans :) you rock xoxo

  13. You're getting your PhD?! YOU GO, GIRL! I want a PhD...I'm young, I still have time to go back to school. Though, you know, I have the mother's voice in the back of my head saying "going back to school is just an escape from real life," which I don't agree with AT ALL.

    Anyway, I don't know you, but I am so proud of you for getting your PhD! And I love your pants, too.

  14. Those are some pretty freakin awesome pants! LOVE THEM and love that you put bold stripes with them. And hey, used to have the urge to skip class myself when I was in college. Sometimes it's actually beneficial...hehehe. Gave you a shoutout on my blog :)

  15. thanks for sharing the website of the pants! I checked it out and I hope it was my size!=) thanks for the heads up! I love 6pm store as well aside that they give a good shipping deal! yes I got that boots on target too even it was an inch big it quite fit but that was the closest size and the last pair...i have to start wearing them!thanks for the comment on my baby=)

  16. Love your style, short hair and nice outfit..well, in your size it's not hard:-)would love to swap bloglovin, let me know by leaving a comment..xx V


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