Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Please read the above "Sup" with a distinct masculine bravado and, might I add, it also helps to imagine I'm grimacing and giving a head nod as I say it.  And of course, it is not so much a question as a salutation.  Hence the period in lieu of a question mark.

Anyway, it's been a while.  I suck.

I blame the heat... well the heat and how unbelievably busy I've been.  Between work and research and studying for the PhD qualifying exam (i.e. THE hardest test I will ever take in my life. Period.) I have kind of shut down on extraneous activities.  If I have free time I chill, hard.  But I missed blogging.

It's strange now because it is so ungodly bright that I really have no homogeneously shady spot in my backyard to take pictures.  If I'm fully returning to bloggin', Imma hafta figure this sun thing out.

Dress: Urban Outfitters (Cope)
Bag: Lucky Brand
Shoes: Nicole
Necklaces: one is from an Indian Reservation at the Utah/Arizona border and I made the other two
Bracelets: I got one in Venice Beach and the other I made
Sunglasses: Forever 21 

How was everyone's 4th of July?  Back to that whole "shutting down completely" thing I mentioned above, that's totally how my long weekend went... it was nothing but pool parties and going out to the bars and relaxing with Bahb.

Speaking of Bahb... please see my Bahb-let below.  I made it! Seriously, the best investment of my life had to be this bag of alphabet beads.  I now have bracelets that read... Ahem...

and of course, BAHB

I also made Bahb a bracelet that says RAZ (a Raz-let, if you will) and gave Bahb's roommate a rainbow colored bracelet that says BAHB. 

Anyway, a thousand apologies for sucking at blogging.  I have missed you guys and I especially thank Dimi for her understated, yet genius, suggestion to just blog when I feel like it... 

Seriously, that's such a great idea, it felt like a responsibility for a while there and there is really no point in that.  This should be an enjoyable outlet, not a chore.  So blogging when I feel like it is then!

How has everyone's summers been?!  

Have great days anyone who sees this!
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