Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Please read the above "Sup" with a distinct masculine bravado and, might I add, it also helps to imagine I'm grimacing and giving a head nod as I say it.  And of course, it is not so much a question as a salutation.  Hence the period in lieu of a question mark.

Anyway, it's been a while.  I suck.

I blame the heat... well the heat and how unbelievably busy I've been.  Between work and research and studying for the PhD qualifying exam (i.e. THE hardest test I will ever take in my life. Period.) I have kind of shut down on extraneous activities.  If I have free time I chill, hard.  But I missed blogging.

It's strange now because it is so ungodly bright that I really have no homogeneously shady spot in my backyard to take pictures.  If I'm fully returning to bloggin', Imma hafta figure this sun thing out.

Dress: Urban Outfitters (Cope)
Bag: Lucky Brand
Shoes: Nicole
Necklaces: one is from an Indian Reservation at the Utah/Arizona border and I made the other two
Bracelets: I got one in Venice Beach and the other I made
Sunglasses: Forever 21 

How was everyone's 4th of July?  Back to that whole "shutting down completely" thing I mentioned above, that's totally how my long weekend went... it was nothing but pool parties and going out to the bars and relaxing with Bahb.

Speaking of Bahb... please see my Bahb-let below.  I made it! Seriously, the best investment of my life had to be this bag of alphabet beads.  I now have bracelets that read... Ahem...

and of course, BAHB

I also made Bahb a bracelet that says RAZ (a Raz-let, if you will) and gave Bahb's roommate a rainbow colored bracelet that says BAHB. 

Anyway, a thousand apologies for sucking at blogging.  I have missed you guys and I especially thank Dimi for her understated, yet genius, suggestion to just blog when I feel like it... 

Seriously, that's such a great idea, it felt like a responsibility for a while there and there is really no point in that.  This should be an enjoyable outlet, not a chore.  So blogging when I feel like it is then!

How has everyone's summers been?!  

Have great days anyone who sees this!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Oh no! Mi Ojos!

Yesterday was a red letter poopy day for my eyes!

First... I left my samples in the oven for what would be a run involving five different cycles of ramping to various temperatures and holding for various amounts of time that would add up to around 40 hours total... needless to say I programmed the oven and left.  Well, I returned the next day to check on it and it said POWER FAILURE across the screen, so I go "Oh no!  My samples!" and open the oven only to find my face greeted with 1300 degrees Celsius of blazing heat.  HOOOOOLY crap.  There is no way to adequately describe the awesomeness of that kind of heat assaulting you from 6 inches away.

My eyes still kind of hurt and my vision was blurry and watery for awhile... I am horrified there might be permanent damage, but Bahb assured me the same thing happened to him plenty when he used to fire his own pottery (have I ever bragged about his pottery?!  It's beautiful and he gives me some from time to time!).

THEN!  Then I noticed I didn't have my glasses in my purse and I remembered I was struggling to put them back in their case at the checkout at Target when I was buying a sun tea jar (I just HAD to have sun tea, didn't I?!).  Since the sun tea jar was too big to carry with one hand, I guess I didn't notice in my fumblings that my glasses didn't make it into my purse.  

By the time I noticed they were missing they were long gone.  Even though they were prescription, they were still Ray Ban Wayfarers and the lady at Target broke it down for me when she said "look, many people have lost Ray Bans here, but none have ever made it to the lost and found."

People these days!  I need those to SEEEEEE!

Button Up: H&M
Dress: Urban Outfitters (Nom de Plume)
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbells
Bangles: Forever 21

I need to rush off to get my hair cut and dyed right now.  I am trying to grow it out, but I just want to cut it short so much.  It will be an epic battle to see how long I hold out before I have an ultra-pixie again.  

Also, I need to go get some glasses today!  My old ones look terrible and make me dizzy.  I'm kind of tearing up thinking about my old glasses, they were with me through a lot.  They were tear-stained for months after a really bad break-up, but they were also cutely misshapen from falling asleep (in jamroom, duh!) countless happy, snuggly times with Bahb after watching marathon amounts of To Catch a Predator or The Office.  Good or bad, they were my key to understanding and interacting with my world and I never would have imagined my connection with them would be this profound.

I'm literally tearing up!  I mean, really?  Who cries over lost glasses?  It's like they were my security blankie... my reassuring comfort that no matter how random and strange my new "adult" life might become they would always be there and I would always look out from behind them unchanged.  

As I sit here, squinting at the computer screen trying to see what I'm typing, I implore you, go hug and kiss your glasses, tell them how much you appreciate them.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

If you grew up with holes in your zapatos...

I am still being a bad blogger... it was so easy to get out of the habit of blogging and now I'm finding it's almost impossible to get back into it...

So the wonderful Dimi at Little Witches/Tiny Wizards so graciously bestowed upon me the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award, and I definitely need to do a post about that asap!

But today me and my messy lookin' hair need to be real quick.

I'm meeting an old friend of mine who moved away for college years and years ago for frozen yogurt and a stroll around Tempe Town Lake tonight, which is why I referenced a Jay-Z song from the early 2000's.  We listened to so much bad music together back in the day that it now makes me basically bubble forth with nostalgia when I happen to hear it again.

Like Taking Back Sunday?  Like The Used?  Yup, and even like Cam'ron's "Hey Ma" and Paperboy's "Ditty" and Nappy Roots' "Aw Naw."  Awesome.

And of course Jay-Z's "99 Problems."  And I actually have two prominent (peep-toe) holes in my zapatos today.

We were so cool driving around in my 30 year old Mercedes singing along with all of these mainstream rap songs while we drove to Wendy's for lunch or as we rushed off to Superstition Springs Mall as soon as school got out.

Tank Top: Blue Cult
Skirt: Urban Outfitters (Lazerade)
Necklaces: a little gift shop in Tombstone, AZ and Buffalo Exchange
Shoes: Sam Edelman
Sun Glasses: Ray Bans

Whoa, "Ditty" is going to be stuck in my head all day now. It's my own fault, I keep hitting "Replay"on YouTube.  I have been basically listening to it all morning.  

Just bob your head for Paperboy and the Ditty, you know?

Anyhoo, I feel a little bit like Lydia with all them there necklaces, but I have to say I like it.  I always appreciate how Lydia pulls them off so here's my homage.

Have great Tuesdays!  Holy shit, is it really Tuesday?  I thought it was Monday until I typed Tuesday.  

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Arizona Adventures

Oh no!  I've been a terrible blogger lately, haven't I?!

This past week I had my amazing little cousin, Emily, come to visit from Illinois.  She had never been to Arizona before, and I did everything I could to make sure she saw just as much of it as possible!  I took her down to Tombstone and Bisbee, just a few dozen miles from the border of Mexico, all the way up to Lake Powell at the Utah border.  

My dad took us to the Grand Canyon and Antelope Canyon, which was a first even for me!

Here's how you get into Antelope Canyon... what the fuck, right?

Here's some of my pictures of the canyon.  Emily and I scampered off in the canyon taking snapshots and climbing and exploring while my dad took his time taking beautiful photographs.

I took all of these though, so compositionally correct they are not.

Emily leadin' the way.

Three showers later and I still have dirt in my hair... but it was totally worth it.

Me leadin' the way.

We climbed on stuff!

Here's the pictures from the Grand Canyon.

Doin' sum lunges... noooo big deal.

This seemed like a very appropriate place to practice me some made up Tai Chi.

While my dad was taking his photographs, Emily and I took embarrassing pictures of each other.

Stereotypical tourist pose.

Cuz Love!

Best picture.  Ever.

We saw nature!  Then we chased nature.

Eeeeesh.  I made the mistake of looking in before I went potty.

It's cute how much of a little ham in front of the camera my cousin is... probably because she's an aspiring Broadway actress.

More pictures of the canyon that my camera couldn't really do justice.  I can't wait to see the photos my dad got.

Last but not least, especially because we went here first... Tombstone and Bisbee!

These were taken at the Birdcage Theater.  There is an episode of Ghost Adventures (with Sexy Zac!) that was filmed here, as it is notorious in regards to paranormal activity.

The Black Moriah.  This horse-drawn hearse is one of six created in the 1880's, and the only left in existence.  It is worth upwards of $2 million.  

Apparently the naked figure of one of the "soiled doves" who, ahem, entertained in the Birdcage Theater's private rooms is seen down here from time to time. 

That table is where the world's longest poker game took place.  It lasted 8 years and 5 months.  There was a $1,000 buy-in, which in the 1880's was over $30,000.

Where the magic happened.  In this room Wyatt Earp solicited a prostitute named Sadie Jo, for whom he later left his common-law wife, Mattie Blaylock.

Birdcage Theater, or, apparently, Theatre.

Wonder Buns!  

I didn't get many pictures in Bisbee, which is an uh-mazingly photogenic little town, because I was pms-ing real bad and wanted to get started on the 4 hour drive home sooner rather than later.

But we still wandered around a little and went to a few antique shops.

Anyway, that was what I've been doing!  I hope everyone has had great weeks, and sorry if this post is a little discombobulated... I took over 520 pictures and had a hell of a time picking my favorites!

Have great days anyone who may see this!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dumps Like a Truck

So I recently gained like 8 pounds.  Well maybe "recently" isn't entirely accurate, since Christmas let's say.  

Now I am usually ridiculously hard on myself about my weight, but this time I kind of just let it slide.  I haven't wasted much time worrying about it or starting in on this vicious cycle of self-loathing that sometimes I tend to do.  I've kind of just accepted that my bum and thighs have filled out a little bit, and at 24, that's probably completely normal.  Besides, I weigh the least when I'm unhappy, so I can't really complain too much... :o)

But now that it's getting hotter and my outfits will need to get correspondingly smaller, I'm starting to get a little bit insecure.

I mean I put on these shorts and wondered, "should I actually go out in public in these?"  

But it is such a long walk from where I park to the lab, that unless I am fine with being a sweat-soaked mass of fussiness by the time I get there, Imma need to show some skin.

My main reason for photographing this outfit today, although I'm pressed for time, is just to try and see if it is offensive for my newly thicker bottom half to be showcased thusly... 

Meh, I'm sure it's fine.  I'm also sure that no one give a shit what I look like from the waist down.

Like a wise woman I once knew said, "I can't see behind me and see how fat my ass looks, so why should I waste time worrying about it?"

Shirt: Thrifted Ecote
Cami: Express circa 2002
Shorts: Urban Outfitters (Nom de Plume)
Belt: Thrifted
Sun Glasses: Forever 21
Sandals: Coach

So I am still ridiculously burned on my back, a little tiny bit on my chest and all over my bum, so bras, form-fitting shirts and rigid denim were completely out of the question.  

I have to say that this outfit is soft and comfy and probably the most perfect post-sunburn outfit I've ever concocted!

Sorry if I seemed whiny about the whole weight thing...

Twas not my intention, I just wanted to mention it since it was on my mind, anyway, have great Wednesdays anyone who sees this!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

if sexually explicit sand structures offend you, please read no further

Hooray no Apocalypses! 

So Mexico was freaking awesome... I'm so glad I went!  I also didn't spend the whole time worrying, in fact, as soon as we got to the house, I was totally over my terror of Mexico.

The weather was perfect; breezy and in the low 80s.  Me and Bahb spent both days just lying on the beach drinking Corona and playing in the ocean.

The beach.  

I am a masterful picture taker.  I actually didn't take that many pictures, maybe like 10 total, because sand and water and portable electronics do not mix effectively.

All of the houses were so random, and the vast disparity from one to the next made it a really cute and eclectic little beach.

I'm running off to play in the ocean.  I wish I had a close up of me in my swim suit... it's adorable.

So it kind of hurts to look at these pictures, because holy shit, the sun did a number on me.  I got burned all over.  I know it's my own damn fault, I was too busy playing with clams and crabs and burying Bahb and being buried and frolicking in the low tide and drinking Coronas to remember to put on sunscreen.  

I am pretty much purple right now.  Even my little bum is burned! Oh no!

Here's me and Bahb, we're ludicrously good looking... duuuuuh...

I know what you're thinking, and why yes, Bahb's sunglasses are Prada.  What a dapper fellow!  He also knows what a "tiered mini" is thanks to a shopping trip to the Juicy Couture outlet that he found particularly boring.

So anyway, in life we are given so few moments of perfect clarity, I mean, after all, it isn't it the human condition that we eternally thirst for insight into the where and whyfore of our existence?  But when I climbed the stairs to the roof of the beach house and looked down and saw this...

In that moment, I knew.  That's my fucking dude.  

To completely forsake the toilets located mere feet away and walk outside to spell "Bahb" in the sand?  That's basically the most poignant example of what makes a "Bob" a "Bahb."

This doesn't hurt either...

Here he is just diggin' a hole to put me in.

Then we proceeded to make anatomically exaggerative sand bodies for each other.

Well, at least my sand body was anatomically exaggerative... HEY-O!  COUNT IT!

It's really hard to tell where the classy ends and we begin.  

Anyway, I hope I didn't offend anyone who might have stumbled across this, however, I did tell you in the title what you could expect!

Have great days anyone who reads this, and I will be back with more outfit posts just as soon as I can start wearing things that aren't my C&C french terry drawstring pants and a threadbare shirt that says "Polish TShirt" upside down.  Wah, muh skin hurts!  

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