Monday, April 18, 2011

the "cold" shoulder... get it?!

Ok, so I never pay full price for anything clothing and/or accessory related. I always shop at thrift stores or on eBay or sale. It's just how I've always been, anything less than 60% off fails to rouse my interest.

With that said, I had no choice but to pay full price for this shirt. I tried to avoid it, of course, I checked out eBay and Etsy and just plain googled "denim shirt shoulder cut outs" and after an afternoon of searching high and low for a cheaper version I gave in and bought it off

Look at it! Isn't it wonderful? I am going to wear the hell out of this shirt. Period. I have worn it nonstop since I found the little bundle of joy on my doorstep Saturday night.

I also need to learn to sew. I could have saved, oh $55 if I just bought the old man's denim button up at the Goodwill and did this myself. Any one know of any good books on learning to sew? I have a sewing machine and all the tools, and my mom is incredibly talented at sewing... it's genetic right?!

Two things I didn't pay full price for? The fabulous J Brand jeans and Jeffrey Campbell clogs I am wearing. The jeans I got for, I think, like $20 new in stores, because perhaps I'm the only one who loves their cinnamony hue? Maybe? And the clogs... oh the clogs! I found those at ROSS, yes, Ross. The stinking Dress for Less. How random to find JC's at a Ross, but I didn't ask questions.

Shirt: Urban Outfitters (Urban Renewal)
Jeans: J Brand
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Bolo: the Goodwill by my house

I also dyed muh hair. Look at, it's dark now!

Look at that face... apparently even I can't believe it!

So, the fabulous Claire at Spinning Threads tagged me in a post about my 10 favorite things, and I'm super excited to do that because, I mean really, how often do we sit down and appreciate the little things in life? It's been shown that to take a few minutes every morning and write down three things you are thankful for or that you appreciate having in your life can actually improve one's quality of life, and sometimes the effect is pretty freaking substantial. It's a great premise, and I fully intend on giving those ten little things I love their deserved recognition.

Just not today! I am sooooo late and sooooo inundated with homework and quizzes and projects and shit to do in the lab, that I hafta be pretty brief!

I know this is an obvious and kind of stupid thing to say, but one weird thing about this shirt is how cold my damn shoulders get. You NEVER think about your shoulders and their subsequent temperature save for when they are oddly enough the only portion of your torso exposed. I really should have seen that coming.

Oh no! It's stupid Monday! Have wonderful and productive and happy Mondays anyone who might read this :)


  1. This reminds me of the bodysuit with cutout shoulders I used to love in tenth grade. The 90s, man... Good thing I loved them, because they are SO back.

    Um, those shoes are TO. DIE.

    I'm probably going to copy this look (minus the skinny jeans - you know how I feel about those).

    Love the hair color - it's very sophisticated.

  2. At first, I thought you had shoulder patches on your shirt and I thought, "Oh, cool." But then I realized they were cut out and I thought, "Even better." I think it looks pretty darling on you. I would imagine that your shoulders would get cold. And does it get drafty in there too?

    Love the face at the end. It's the kind of stuff I do but you pull it off much better.

    And love the darker hair. I am pretty partial to dark hair.

  3. I never pay full price for anything. In fact, anything over about $10 seems ridiculous and sometimes that limit falls to $5. Thrifting has ruined me for life, I think, haha.

    I'm off to go bury myself in another week of homework, quizzes, tests and papers, so for now I bid you adieu.

  4. looove the jeffrey campbell's x

  5. firstly, NO KIDDING??? do they sell JC's at Ross??No way...???why am I not knowing about his?? I am this Ebay hunter as well and I know exactly how much i can pay for something, and gosh this top is so hot even it's a cold shoulder ! this is a hottie!

  6. It is a very cool shirt and give it to winter!!! Give him the cold shoulder! I know I am and a choice finger as well! I try not to buy full price just on principle too but sometimes, it can't be helped. :(

  7. When I saw that shirt I thought "Is she craaazy? She's gonna catch a cold!". But then you're sort of crazy and I need to loosen up! Like the face and new hair!Kisses :)

  8. that's a neat shirt! I like the shoulder idea, great buy :)

  9. That blouse is gorgeous!

    x FashionFifth

  10. This shirt is awesome. Worth full price. I like your hair all dark!! I thought it looked darker then I got down to where you said you dyed it, and my suspicions were confirmed. I haven't been to Ross in a while, this post is making me think I need to hit that up. My mom calls it Ross For Less, because she genuinely thinks that's the name of the store.

  11. That shirt is classic yet sexy. I think I might have a go with the sewing machine and denim shirt and give it a whirl myself.

    And your hair looks great!

  12. honestly i think this is my favorite outfit of yours so far! the shirt is kick ass and specially with those shoes and that necklace. also your hair looks so good like this! i love the darker color


  13. you darkened your hair and it's oh so cute! i also love that top. my mom's a great sewer too and i'm always making her alter everything. i probably owe her $1000s of dollars worth of altering! those jeans look fab too. and the clogs. okay, love all of it. you look great!

    Claire @

  14. I would have paid full price. Looks awesome on you. Love cut-outs!

    strawberry freckleface

  15. That denim shirt is fantastic. You look great in it. I'm liking your dark hair! :)

  16. In love with your shirt! Amazing!
    I really like your blog! Following! Follow back? <3

  17. That shirt is bloody fantastic, and you look so very sophisticated with dark hair. Awesome.


  18. i have gotten to the point where i think $15 is expensive for clothing...but sometimes you just have to pay full price for something. all the other thrifting makes up for the expensive stuff you sometimes buy, right??? it was worth it, you look amazing!

  19. The top's something I probably would've seen and be like "Ugggh moving right along!" but it looks GREAT on you!

    My mom just got here last night and she was raving about the Ross in Miami on her layover. Can't believe they have Jeffrey Campbell! Too bad there's none in NYC. =/

    The hair's nice too. LOVE dark hair.

  20. Great post- I adore your outfit- the cut out denim shirt is so unique and versatile! I am a thrifter as well but sometimes you just gotta pay full price!

  21. glad to be your friends through bloggin! your posts are great! MUAH!

  22. Love the look, especially the cutouts in the shirt and the Jeffrey Campbell clogs. You're lucky to be in Arizona, so you can wear your clogs with bare feet in the winter!


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