Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I've been everywhere, man.

Crossed the deserts bare, man.
I've breathed the mountain air, man.
Of travel I've had my share, man.
I've been everywhere.

OK, I haven't been TOO TOO many places over these last few weeks, but I've been pretty busy.  My mom was in town and we took trips to Tombstone, Bisbee and Sedona.  Then the next weekend Bahb and I went down to Mexico. Between work, school, my mom's visit, my stepbrother's wedding, the trips and Halloween stuff, it's no small wonder I haven't had time to a spare minute to post.

Not to mention the complete disarray my room and bathroom have been in, oh, and my absolutely abysmal laundry situation...

Thankfully the cable went out last weekend, so I got to stay home all morning while I waited for the Cox guy (who was basically awesome, by the way) and that gave me a chance to get caught up on some cleaning.

This outfit is pretty stock, nothing to write home about, just a good running errands/going to the lab type of a thing.  Although I probably shouldn't wear it to the lab, because I have a nasty habit of wearing beautiful, blousey tops with gorgeous drape to the lab and they inevitably get ruined because, well, the lab is filthy dirty.  OK, it's not filthy dirty, but if you rub up against the wrong counter top, believe you me, that'll be the end of whatever unfortunate article of clothing took the hit.

Top: Free People
Jeans: J Brand
Shoes: Ecote (Urban Outfitters)
Necklace: This incredible shop in Bisbee, AZ

I wanted to do a closer up picture to show the new necklace I got in Bisbee when I went with my mom, and the result is the derped out picture you see below. But anyway. the necklace was from this little jewelry shop with the most exquisite assortment of beads I've ever seen. The shop's owner, and creator of all of the jewelry, was quite literally the raddest little old lady I've ever seen, too. She was dressed ADORABLY, had the most insanely cute white pixie cut, and was in a convent, the star of a long running Broadway production and posed for Playboy all before 30.

I could have listened to her for hours. She had the most mind-blowing collection of beads I've ever seen. "This necklace is constructed from beads found in the Fertile Crescent that date back to 2000 B.C...." and "this collection of coiled beads was constructed from wiring removed from the wrecked remains of the Titanic." OK, while those might be slight exaggerations, that was still the gist. My mouth was agape most of the time while she was showing me her work and explaining its origin.

The necklace I am wearing is made of 1920's cobalt glass star beads, and I am completely enamored with the thought of the modern, darling shape of the puffy stars being made generations prior.  

I have a ton of pictures from my past month's adventures, and I may put them on here still, but there is one that I can't help but share immediately.  The picture below of me and Bahb was taken at an After-Halloween costume party we went to this past weekend...

We're Ninja and Yo-landi Vi$$er from Die Antwoord.  Bahb even shaved his head like Ninja's, which turned out fantastic.  

After we left the house, we stopped by the QT down the street because we needed gas and beer, and when I walked into the convenience store some kids yelled "Hey Blondie!  You look like Yo-Landi Vi$$er!" and asked to take a picture with me.  It was fucking awesome to have complete strangers pick up what we were putting down.  Also, check out those sweet gold shoes.  I was wondering where I'd get gold shoes when Bahb suggested we get a haggard pair from Goodwill and spray paint them gold.  It was GENIUS.  And now we're kind of on a spray paint things gold kick...
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