Thursday, March 31, 2011

Today is Thursday.

I need to find somewhere new to take these pictures! My yard is in such disarray! I try to do yard work, I swear, but I am just hopeless at it. I picked up leaves a few weeks ago, and I more or less picked them up one by one because I could not get the rake to work.

A rake is a simple thing... I know... but I still failed epically and I wish so bad that there was some sort of photographic documentation of my yard work misadventures.

Where do people usually take these pictures? Any advice?!

So I desperately want to go to Tombstone and Bisbee on Sunday, which may explain the cowboy booties, denim dress, and rustic, tooled leather bag I felt compelled to wear today.

I adore Tombstone's cheesy, gunslinger vibe, and it's a perfect for doing touristy things like taking pictures dressed as a saloon girl and watching staged gun fights, while Bisbee is a kitschy little artist colony in southern Arizona. You can wander the streets for hours just taking in all the murals and sculptures and even the old architecture is worth the trip down. The scores of well-stocked antique shops are just icing on the cake of awesomeness that is Bisbee.

Driving to work this morning I was like "want to go somewhere Sunday?" and my boyfriend was like "okay." So I think we probably won't go, because most people would've been, "where?" The immediacy of his affirmative response seems to indicate that that little stinker is hoping we will do what we do every Sunday morning. Just what is it we do every Sunday? Well, it involves some sort of food in bed (grilled cheese, eggs, soup), Family Guy on Hulu and sometimes we wrestle. We are both busy little engineers, so when we're together we do some pretty hardcore relaxing!

Dress: Urban Outfitters (Ecote)
Bag: Lucky Brand
Booties: Franco Sarto
Beads: the Goodwill by my house
Sunglasses: Ray Bans

I also would like to take this time to introduce a prized possession of mine... the giant rooster you see sneaking into some of these photos.

Here's the little fella's face. This is the type of shit my mom LOVES, and to be honest, that I love. It's quirky and random and fabulous and super rusty.

My mom and I have insanely similar tastes, and not just in over-sized, crudely fabricated farm animals, either. We will be across the store from each other, and we'll both go "hey look!" and we will both proceed to simultaneously lift up the same shirt/skirt/dress. It happens all the time.

Anyway, I digress, I always digress it seems and today is Thursday as my cube mate is always so quick to tell me, so enjoy your Thursdays!


  1. Haha, we both are southwestern!!! Love the dress and those booties are great. That rooster is pretty darn cool too. Good luck with the yard work, I leave that to my hubby. And pics? I wish I would leave the compound of my house, but it's just too hard. So it's usually my backyard or living room. Your pics always look great though!

  2. Hehe you made me laugh, don't worry I also can't use a rake!!I really like your photos in the yard, I would use it too if I had one! Sometimes I take pics near gates or on staircases for a change. You look lovely with that dress and those boots! :)

  3. When I lived in NM, I enjoyed Roswell totally for the UFO kitsch - kitsch is good!

    Your legs look rockin', BTW, girl!

  4. I love your dress! It's really cute on you!

  5. I like the rooster...and at least it's (appears to be) warm there. Is it warm there all year? I love your boots!

  6. I'll be sure to let you know how d race went!

    I'm so following you...manually though coz I couldn't find any link to follow...but you know I'm gonna check back! ;)

    just a few days back before you commented, I was looking for more fashion bloggers with not-long hair! And den I found you! haha..

  7. I take my pics in my garden but it's relatively clear so it's ok. The one of you standing on the garden wall looks good though! The rooster looks crazy haha but definitely unique!


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