Thursday, May 19, 2011

Impromptu Puppy Party

So remember that time I was worried about going to Mexico, but then couldn't go because I had finals coming up?  Well this weekend is finally the rescheduled Mexico weekend.  

I'm equal parts excited and scared shitless.

Anyway, the kids are going out of town this weekend too.  They are going on their first trip to the ocean, and I am kind of sad I'm not going to be there to see them get confused by the tide and bite at the sea foam and dig holes in the sand to try and figure out what's beneath it... so many curious bean activities!

I stopped by after work to drop off their leashes and when I turned around they snuck out the front door (which I could have sworn I shut all the way) and by the time I caught up with them they were sitting patiently by my truck.

I couldn't just leave them!

So despite having things I need to do in the lab, I took them with me to my house to have a quick nap.

But first I took pictures, and they just did not want to be photographed!  There was construction next door so every time something would drop or a buzz saw went off they would dart off to investigate.  I would have both of them sitting politely and then *CRASH* and my little protectors would go see what was going on.  Eventually Tonk tuckered himself out and laid down so I could at least get one of him.

Dress: Butterfly Dropout
Bolo: the Goodwill by my house
Socks: Target
Boots: Jeffrey Campbell
Sun Glasses: Ray Bans

Look at that buddy!  He loves his mama!

Anyway, Gertie is whining up a storm right now... someone wants some lunch meat... so I need to be short today and go try and defuss her without giving her all my damn sliced turkey.

Have wonderful days anyone who sees this!


  1. That dress is gorgeous and I love those shoes with it!

  2. Where do the puppies get to go? I want to go to Mexico and/or the ocean!! Don't be scared, you'll be fine and have a really good time. And I love this dress.

  3. I seriously love that dress!!

  4. PS how do you get so many followers so fast?! Every time I'm reading your blog you have so many more!

  5. I love that they're your kids. So are mine! Gorgeous dress, love the silhouette.

  6. Ahhh! Tonka and Gertie! I love them. You should feature them on your blog more often. They are obviously the most adorable and perfect Boxers that ever lived.

    And OMG Mexicohhhh! Fun! You SO deserve this vacation. Try not to focus on murderous drug cartels and relax. Take lots of pictures!

  7. What a sweet dog! He definitley loves you lots! And you look so pretty in that dress with those boots.

  8. Cute doggie.. awww!! I just love the dress!! The color, the pattern, the style...! Give me the dress and nobody gets hurt doll...!! :)

  9. That dress is fantastic! You look gorgeous in it.

    And your pups are so adorable :)


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