Monday, May 2, 2011

Swedish Hasbeens: Let's Discuss

These pictures were taken during a rare, not-so-sunny moment in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area.  Since they were just kind of off I enhanced the brightness by sliding the bar in Windows Live Picture Viewer that says "Brightness" a little to the right.  The red shown in the pictures is a pretty accurate depiction of this skirt, however, as it is insanely red.

Anyhoo, as I have alluded to before, I am quite the bargain shopper and I try to always be pretty fastidious about buying only excessively inexpensive items. I really have no choice now, but I will admit when I was working I was known to pay full-price for certain items that I felt I had to have.

Button-up: H&M
Skirt: Forever 21
Socks: Forever 21
Bag: the Goodwill by my house
Bangles: the Goodwill by my house
Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens

With that said, these Swedish Hasbeens are an example of something I paid full price for because I literally could not imagine that the earth would commence rotating upon its axis if I did not.  

Yes, they are super cute and it's true that I am a such a sucker for the story of how they are re-releases of clogs made in Sweden in the 70's... but still, these shoes are almost incredulously expensive considering the workmanship involves staples and unfinished leathers and woods.  I mean, they even came with a booklet that more or less terrified me out of the idea of wearing or even enjoying owning them.

Seriously, the included informational pamphlet just seemed to go on and on with this list of things that will ruin them and basically said in no uncertain terms that these shoes will undoubtedly stretch, fade, get permanently soiled and so on and so forth.  I wish I kept it, because holy crap, they seemed to be adamant about covering all the bases with these shoes.  

What I want to know is if there are any of you out there with success stories about how you've worn your pair to hell and back and they still look fabulous?  I basically want someone to tell me to just man up and wear them.  So what if they get dirty?  Also, I can't imagine them stretching would be a bad thing, right?  

So here we are a year and $150 later and I have only worn them three times, with the above pictures depicting the third time.

Looking at them melts my heart though, as they are quite the little cuties.  And that thrifted wicker bag was basically made to be worn with them.  Alright, I'll man up, these guys are becoming wardrobe staples.

So my mommy got to meet Bahb this Saturday.  We went to this little Italian eatery in Fountain Hills with SUPER creepy imagery all over the place... eeeeesh... but the food was pretty freaking good.  Anyway, my mom absolutely loved him, of course.  She said she could tell how crazy we are about each other, duuuuh Mom!  And then she and I went to the Clearance Dillard's on Sunday.  Oh the Clearance Dillard's... or the C Dubs as I call it because I'm just super embarrassing like that.  It's amazing, I scoff at regular Dillard's now.  Pfffft, you want me to pay $118 for this French Connection dress?  I think I will only pay $17, and you'll like it.

Since I'm a broke student once again, my mom was kind enough to buy me some pretty awesome Vince Camuto clogs and a French Connection halter top.  Oh heavens those clogs are wonderful.  I wore them all night around the house; does anyone else do that with new shoes?  Just stomp around the house in them just looking down at your feet the whole time?  I realized some time ago that I am basically a 6-year-old with a driver's license and a credit card.

Alright, I've got some school stuff to attend to (I don't wanna!)... but I hope everyone's Mondays don't suck!


  1. Guuurrrl. I've been lusting after Swedish Hasbeens for months. Jealous! Of both your shoes AND your weather.

  2. perfect outfit:)...this skirt with blouse is super!!

  3. Your look is amazing! Those clogs!!! So sweet with the sockies. By all means, dirty them up. What the hell else are they for but to be well-loved and worn in?!

    I'm so happy things went well with Bahb and your Mom!!! I knew she'd love him, too. Anyone can see how fantastic you are for each other!

    I remember once you turned me on to Clearance DIllards (C Dubs) as the premier shopping Mecca of the SE Velley, and honestly, I get more compliments on the shit I find there, then anywhere else.

    You've got talent, kid, you're gonna be a star one day! ;)

  4. super cute look! I especially love the shoes. :) You look so good with the short hair... I wish I had the right face shape for it!

  5. Very cute shoes... but they're shoes anyway and that's why you bought them!! So go ahead and destroy them i say!! I love the glasses! (notice how I'm struggling to get over your lovely haircut that I need so desperately - I didn't even mention it for a couple of posts!) Have a nice new week!

  6. adorable skirt! thanks for stopping by my blog! following:)

  7. heh- if they get dirty you could just sand them! totally adorable with the socks and lace-trimmed skirt!

    I love the comment about us being 6-year-olds with credit cards- that's so absolutely true! I'm gonna eat what I want, and bloody well buy what I want!

  8. oohhh, can't wait to see your Vince Camuto shoes! I always love his shoes...and notice them in the magazines! i love those swedish hasbeens and hope you really do put them into your staples. it's like my crystal i got for my wedding. sometimes you just gotta use them, even if you risk people breaking them. because at least they're being used and NOT just sitting there collecting dust. i know it's hard, but they're adorable and so deserve to be shown off!

  9. Well, I am pretty much in love with that skirt. And I have never heard of Swedish Hasbeens but that's what I love about your blog. You Are constantly introducing me to things I don't know. :)

  10. Oh, I can't tell you how many times I've thought the world would fall into the blackness of the abyss if I didn't, right then and there, purchase an item that was full (and ridiculously I might add) priced. And then when the dust cleared wore the item maybe about 2 times. But that doesn't change my absolute love for it :) and those clogs are too adorable and more importantly, they look like they are comfy!

    PS., check out my latest blog post. I thanked you for your award :)

  11. What an adorable look- that skirt is so much fun and I love your shoes! I've only spent over $100 on one pair of shoes and like you, I only wore them a handful of times- ah well at least they look amazing!

  12. thank you so much for following <3

    i love your shoes :))

  13. Oh the goodwill they have such great things. I am with you when I use to work I would buy things that I thought I needed to have. oh I was a fool

  14. I heard about the Swedish Hasbeens and I had this feeling of interest now since you said them in details! haha, i feel very ashame if my mom will say that to me and my bf, i always walk in eggshells! even when my husband kissed me infront of her, i felt i was melting and shaking(will not happen again)..sory its part of our culture in a diff country....and YES! I wear my new shoes at home and til night can't even sleep thinking the next day since I was in grade school! and sometimes my husband caught me praising my shoes in the church by looking and shaking my feet while the priest is talking on his homily! I don't know , i don't notice it, maybe it has become a habbit!?..bad girl me...I love your skirt a lot!!!and yes you can steal my exposed wardrobe idea...!=)

  15. I stumbled across your blog in my research about Swedish Hasbeens. I recently purchased a pair of the T-strap clogs and was torn between sizes (damn them for not making half sizes!). I ended up going with the smaller because of SH's warnings that they'll stretch. So, I was wondering if anyone had success getting theirs to stretch from snug/borderline hell to comfortable.

    Anyway, if I ever get mine comfortable enough, I plan to wear them to hell. You should too--they're beautiful shoes that deserve to be worn!

  16. Everyone is saying that you should wear them, you paid so much for them so you might as well wear them...I disagree!

    I wore my Swedish Hasbeens about 12 times and they got noticeably dirtier each time I wore them. When I tried to sandpaper the dirt out, they just smudged all over the heels. Now I have a pair of dirty wooden clogs (totally hasbeens) and the only way I'm comfortable wearing them out is with pants so no one sees how dirty the wooden heels are.

    If I could do it all over again, I'd get some sealant and treat them before wearing them out. I think it might make the wood a little glossy, but it beats having a dirty pair of expensive clogs you are ashamed to wear out!

  17. Oh and by the way, I found your blog because I'm researching to see if anyone else in the world experienced what I experienced. I have yet to see a worn in pair in a photo. They are only photographed when they are brand spanking new. Good luck with yours. They look really really cute with the socks!


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