Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Love Story 2: This Time It's Personal

This is the sequel to the first Love Story post.

So yeah, that movie is such a downer, but oh my goodness, that woman knew how to dress.  She looked flawless in everything and I can't help but lust after tartan, ribbed turtlenecks and anything wool in the weeks that follow.

I am excessively influenced by movies and tv shows I see, apparently.  It seems like every post I'm blathering away about the inspiration I got from some form of media.  However, it's important to point out that the shows or movies that influence me are usually older.  I don't watch The Office and want to dress like Pam in sensible shoes or Phyllis with her sweater sets.

So it is super overcast and spooky and chilly and wonderful out right now and I was hoping to take pictures out front to capture some of that this morning.  I went outside and started setting stuff up, like moving my trash cans and putting my camera on the tripod, nothing out of the ordinary, when I looked to my left and noticed a guy on the sidewalk across the street just standing there facing me.  He didn't move or seem to care that I noticed him staring.  He just stood there facing me.  I decided I would wait for him to continue on and went about picking some of the dead leaves off my potted plants out there.  After what felt like an eternity, or at least two solid minutes, he still hadn't moved so I grabbed my stuff and went inside.

So backyard photos it is.  I can handle casual inquisitive glances from passerbys but that guy was just standing there.  I can't deal with something like that, that was just strange and awkward.

Tank Top: Lucky Brand
Button Up: H&M
Skirt: Urban Outfitters (Urban Renewal)
Shoes: Lucky Brand
Sun Glasses: Ray Bans

It's time for a stupid new feature I want to add ever so often... Words I Hate Wednesday!

Today's word I hate is "panties."  I don't know why it bothers me, but it does.  It makes my skin crawl and sends shivers up my spine.  More often than not, upon hearing the word spoken, I emit a perfunctory "blech!"

I worked at Victoria's Secret for a while back in undergrad, and I would always refer to the... the... you know the word... as undies and the manager would scream through the headset at me "PAAAAANTIES! Never... NEVER... let me hear you calling them "undies" AGAIN!  AM I CLEAR?!"


Also, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you and a THANK YOU for all of the wonderful 'squito bite advice.  There were so many great tips that I am actually excited about getting a new bite so I can try them out... ok, maybe excited is an overstatement, but still!  I have to go to the store today to get a few recommended products, also.  I took a whole bunch of Benadryl before bed last night and this morning I woke up to find the biggest, meanest, angriest one had significantly shrunk!  That never happens, a mosquito bite is a month long endeavor for me usually!

Hooray!  Have great days anyone who sees this!


  1. I HATE the word panties sounds so skeevy and gross. On the plus side, I love the outfit. It's sort of making me want to rewatch Love Story.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  2. ooh, cute skirt! and I love the top you paired it with.

    Yeah, panties is a word I don't say either. I guess I've never thought about it before, but yeah, I usually just say underwear. I know that technically applies to other things too, but whatever. haha

  3. Loving the button up paired with the chic! xo

  4. What a creep!! Anyway... You look great! I happen to love those skirts too! :)

  5. My cousin can't stand the word "moist."

    I don't really like the word panties either but every word for underwear sounds stupid to me, including "underwear."

    Umm, creeeeper!!! I'm getting used to taking photos with people around, but I do like stand there sometimes pretending to do something really important with my camera until people go away.

    I have never seen "Love Story." Something tells me that is a major mistake.

  6. love the way you have styled the shirt, it makes the look go one step forward
    Great Blog,

  7. love the look. te skirt and the blue shirt together is flawless.

    laughing at the front yard picture issue. i had the same thing happen a few weeks back but it was my neighbor and she wasn't staring but i was uncomfortable.

    i hate the word panties too. sounds dirty. but i use it for some reason. go figure.

  8. I get inspired by movies and tv shows too I looks at items and think wow I want to recreate that. I like it better than looking at Magazines.

  9. That is super creepy! Crazy people these days.. cute skirt..


  10. Nice blog! check mine out! I'm new to blogging :)

    xx sashafiercee

  11. When Lea and I were taking photos on Monday, a sketchy guy playing a harmonica got up, came over and suggested we let him take a photo of both of us... uhh, we are NOT handing over Lea's SLR to a smelly harmonica man. It took about three minutes to convince him to walk away! Stares seem to be part of the job description, though.

    I'm trying to think if there are words I don't like. I think I get more amused by words that sound clunky, like "perfunctory." It sounds like I dropped something down the stairs when I say it, haha. I'll get back to you on hated words.

  12. *shudder* the word panties and creepy guys staring ick me out too! On the plus side you look super cute- love the schoolgirl vibe! I am so influenced by tv shoes- do you watch Glee? I love the guidance counsellor Emma's OCD ensembles!

  13. what is wrong with Panties??sory, i think i am not updated again...=) i also love your pinks in black prev post and this one! esp the skirt!I ahd never been a tv person for a while but if I do , i only watch HGTv all day,,,,=)

  14. p.s the drawing is the easiest skill i cna possibly imagine, my ancestors are painters and architects, maybe that is why...but i took interior design in college and we have soem subjects in drawing, but I always been in the top 3 =) and all the girls hated me bec the top others are boys haha.


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