Monday, May 16, 2011

Like, I'm Devastated.

Hooray Monday!

Do you ever wake up and feel energized and legitimately optimistic about facing the day?  No?  Not really?  Me neither.  But I did today!  Now I am usually the sleepiest person ever but today I got out of bed right at 5:50 a.m. (that's super early for me, btdubs) and put on the very first thing I tried on (that's usually never how it works for me, btdubs) and had enough time to bypass all forms of rushing whatsoever.

There was no traffic on the usually terrible 101 (ask Bahb, I've talked about how bad traffic on the 101 is in my sleep before) and I made it to work in what felt like record time.  Since there is a new "absolutely no extraneous internet usage" policy at work, that they are more or less not fucking around with, I had a productive couple of hours at work until I had to come back home and finish up my report for our monthly research meeting.  

So here I am, it's 3 p.m. I've already worked three hours at my enjuneerin' job as well as read upwards of five research papers and written a report summarizing my work in the lab over the last month, and... AND... I found time to take some outfit pictures.

So welcome, this is Day One of my new schedule, and I'm hoping to keep this up for the rest of the summer, more or less.  

So this weekend I discovered something amazing.  I discovered something beyond words; something that spoke through me to my teenage angst-ridden soul... I discovered My So-Called Life.

And like, OH MY GOD.

I know this is kind of old news (like 1994 old news) but I was 8 when it first broadcast, so I wasn't necessarily the target demographic.

I can only imagine how much of a groundbreaking cultural icon My So-Called Life had to have been when it first aired.  It traversed every taboo issue in the mid-90's imaginable, such as emerging homosexuality, domestic violence, substance abuse, peer pressure, betrayal, illiteracy, obsession, codependency, the dissolution of the American standard of family and even the irreparable transmogrification of friendships that occurs naturally as one develops, which is not necessarily taboo, but it certainly is a sad and bittersweet truth in everyone's life.  I can only imagine how hard pressed one would be to watch the series without finding at least one of the issues tackled that mirrors closely their own experiences as an adolescent.

I don't know what I loved most about it.  The clothes?  The drama?  The nostalgia?  The music?  The way Jordan Catalano leans?  Definitely the clothes.  I want... nay... I need to own a flannel babydoll dress.  And really?  Why did I ever get rid of my Doc Marten lace ups?

I have a feeling a lot of what I wear in the coming weeks will be inspired by the 90's.  

Jumper: Urban Outfitters (Kimchi Blue)
T-shirt: American Apparel
Oxfords: Report
Hat: Urban Outfitters (Cooperative)
Bracelets: Forever 21, some random Venice Beach vendor and the Goodwill by my house
Sun Glasses: Ray Bans

So it's been a restful couple of days since finals ended and I'm back to feeling like myself.  

I mean, don't get me wrong, as I'm typing this my bed is staring at me with those blank, pillow-shaped eyes, more or less burning holes in the back of my head, and whispering "nap-time... naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap tiiiiiiiiiime..." but I have to resist.  I have to be productive.  I took a couple of "me" days, as it were, to  recover and regain some semblance of motivation and now I have things to do!

Hmmm, maybe just a quick nap...

Have a wonderful Mundy (ahem... Monday) anyone who stumbles across this inadvertently or otherwise!


  1. Oh don't I love My So-Called Life?!! I was 9 when it aired and wanted to see it soooo bad! I saw Clair Danes in Little Women and wanted to see her in her show, but parents can be annoying and won't let you watch anything:( haha!! Anyways, just wait, the season gets better. Isn't it sad it only lasted one season?!!

    And you are super duper cute in your jumper dress!

  2. GAH ISN'T THAT THE BEST?!?!?! I loveeee waking up with a SPURT of energy. (It catches up with you later but HEY THATS OKAY!) Seriously. It's just a start to a good day. I'm pretty sure it was one And it should be. ITS AWESOME.

    Anyways - you look AWESOME, as well. Dress is wayyy cute. I've never seen My So-Called life, but 90s fashion ROCKS so yeaaah. Excited for your outfits to come! ;)

  3. I was having my own so-called life when My So-Called Life first aired (I was 16), but I remember thinking the show was groundbreaking and such a breath of fresh air after four years of Beverly Hills 90210. I was all about Doc Martens and flannel back then. I wish I'd kept the Docs!

    I tried watching MSCL recently, and Angela was so annoying. I just wanted to grab her and shake her and be like, "Boo-fucking-hoo, your life is so hard. Grow up." But I guess that's the point, and I'm now I'm officially an adult.

  4. I must confess, the name 'Jordan Catalano' will just cross my mind randomly every couple months!

    I am in awe of your super productive day (since, um, I don't do those) and love your channelling of 90's revival!

  5. I must say Claire Danes' wardrobe in that show was sooo perfect! And your outfit in this post is lovely, too, love your dress to bits :))

    - Che

  6. You're super woman dear!! How can you do all that in one morning! I have no clue of what My So-Called Life is... (I thought it was about your so-called life if you get me... in a philosophical way!). I guess it's a tv-show, so I'll google! I bought a hat like that, but I'm working on it....! (your occasionally shy blogger).
    Kisses :)

  7. how cute is that jumper?! i too just bought something by kimchee blue...a skirt. how funny. and i love My So-Called Life. i am that age, but didn't watch it til i was older. dunno why, just didn't watch much TV back then i guess. but i love the show. Claire Danes was amazing in it. and yes, the stories were seriously ground-breaking back then. such a great show!

  8. First, thank you for the comment on my blog! Second, research ugghhhhhhhhhhh. Third, MSCL was sooooo dramatic and you did a great job on an updated nineties look! Following!

  9. I LOVE, my so called life. I think I was about 13 or so when it aired and I was obsessed with that show + I adore Claire Danes. SO smart & gorgeous... wonderful character. And I'm loving your fabulous dress here, the silhouette is gorgeous... and it looks amazing with the tee + hat. xx veronika

  10. hello Alex! How was your exams? I've been slacking on catching up with blogs!

    Oh yes, it's mostly sunny and beautiful here in Singapore...only recently d temperatures been going up and we felt like being in a Sauna and it's a challenge dressing up! ;(

  11. PS. digging dis look..perfect for a hot sunny day! inspirations!

  12. the 90's reminds me of the cds which i just bought, because I want to feel the years again, i got these songs that were playing in my h.s!=) As always your outfit is fabulous...and I always wake up late and enjoying mommyhood for now....

  13. ALEX!!!!!! You just found MSCL??? I will give you that you were young when it came out, but jeez louise!!! I was a teenager when the show aired, so of course I was obsessed and it was my life, and Angela Chase was my idol. Please tell me you have watch the whole season, or are seriously about to.


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