Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Oooh, Oooh Itch-ay Woman

Today is almost incredulously beautiful out.  It's in the low 80's and there is a cool breeze.  This is very much an anomaly for the Phoenix area in mid to late May.

I was already bitching, as you may or may not recall from this post, in March about the weather here being precariously close to the 100s already.

Anyway, no complaints.  It's perfect out and that means I can wear tights, which more imporantly means that I can finally wear this super cute but super short crushed velvet dress.  

These pictures are kinda stinky, because I'm in a ridiculous rush to post and get to school.

Tights count as pants, right?  At least that's the logic behind wearing this into a lab.

Dress: MinkPink
Bag: DKNY from 2005
Headband: Buffalo Exchange
Tights: Target
Shoes: MIA
Bracelet: the Mt. Rushmore gift shop in the early 90's
Sun Glasses: Ray Bans

This bracelet is amazing though.  I have had it for 20 years and although I have lost it in convenience stores, family moves and the depths of various junk drawers, it always finds its way back to me.  

The little dangling tag has a picture of Mt. Rushmore on it and when I went there again in July of 2009 I straight scoured that damn gift shop hoping to find another, but had no such luck.  I can't complain though, despite the missing rock and the tarnish and that it's sized to the wrist of a 4 year old, this bracelet has stood the test of time.

Also, quick question.  Does anyone else react terribly to mosquito bites?  I recently got four on my left elbow (they are kind of visible in the last picture) and consequently my elbow has swollen to at least one and a half times it's right-sided buddy's size.  Is there anything that can be done to abbreviate the itching or the size or the length of time they take to heal?  Any help would be greatly appreciated!  

*scratch scratch scratch scratch*

Have good Tuesdays anyone who might see this!


  1. LOVE this outfit! the dress and the bag are awesome <3

  2. Loooove the pink!!!! And the headband is too adorable!!

  3. Girrrl. Mosquitos are my kryptonite. My bites are enormous, painful things that regularly get scratched bloody. I have yet to gigure out how to CURE them , per se, but I do have tricks to alleviate them:

    Calahist lotion (refrigerate for extra soothing)
    Noxema (also better cold)
    Alcohol (for drinking, dur)
    Antehistimine pills

    Okay, these are not so much tricks as they are old wives' 'cures', but they're usually pretty helpful for me. The only thing that will ever really cure a mosquito bite is time.

    To stave off bites and not smell like I was dipped in Deet, I really like Burt's Bees Herbal Insect Repellant. It smells decent and actually works. Try it! I guarantee you will not be disappointed, especially if you're also wearing netting AND sitting in front of a citronella candle.

    I admire your ability to wear headbands. You look so cute in them! I can barely bring myself to wear a hat (though I really, really want to). Great dress! Yes, tights count as pants. Obviously.

  4. That dress is incredibly flattering. I hope you wore it to the lab, there's not excuse to not look fabulous every where you go.

    You Are My Favorite

  5. great headband. looks great with that adorable dress! and the pink bag? fab.

    i get crazy with bites (mosquito and spider). calamine or hydrocortisone helps. a little. but honestly, at night when i'm tired and the bites are all irritated i just scratch the crap out of 'em and it sucks. i slap them too. and that just irritates them more. so don't do that.

  6. ouch!! luckily i heal easily from mosquito bites!! love your dress love!

  7. Loving your dress girl!! I am so with you on the mosquito bite front. This sounds weird but works for me...take a regular aspirin and crush it up. Add water and make a paste and apply it to the bit. It will start to take the itching away fast! Hope this helps. xo

  8. I love that when it's in the low 80s there, you wear tights. The humidity in Virginia means if it's in the low 80s, you'd kill yourself before you'd put on tights. Even though it gets hotter there degree-wise, it's amazing what a difference humidity makes.

  9. Beautiful dress! I love the bag as well. Perfect shade of pink.

    For the bites, benadryl cream! I used to slather myself in it after playing outside and getting eaten alive as a kid.

  10. I love the dress - and I second the above comment, Benadryl creme works gangbusters for me on insect bites!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  11. Ooh what a beautiful dress- and yes I definitely rocked the tights as pants look today! :) Ugh I think I'm allergic to mosquito bites because I get so swollen and irrated by the teeniest bite- hang in there!

  12. Mosquitos and I do not, not, not get along. I am super allergic or something because any bites go nuclear in five seconds! Also, to answer an earlier question, tights totally count as pants most of the time. I think you're covered (pun only sorta intended). That dress is lovely!

  13. You look fantastic and wonderfully put together.

    To answer your question, I get horrible reactions from mosquitoes. I'm allergic, so I swell and the area gets red and hard.

    I just ... try to take care of not being bitten.

  14. cute look!!!

    xoxo from rome

  15. You're a cutie!
    In fact you look like the girl I wish I were but never was... (you know... fantasizing about being really thin with short hair, while you're in fact chubby with long curls? The type of fantasy you have in high school and then you grow up and you just know you're not and grow out of it!!!). You're a delight anyway, I wish you were my neighbor or friend or something! (major blog crush!!)
    Mosquitoes...hmmm. I get that all the time..
    You're supposed to pee on it (like that episode of "Friends"?), but anything with a bit of ammonia in it, helps. We have a cream called "Fenistil" in Greece, or anything similar! Ice helps too, but temporarily.
    Have a nice day! :)

  16. Thanks to you, I've decided to follow your advice and get the grey Lita's. (Notice how I put the blame solely on you hehehe) but somehow telling my unborn children which I may or may not have that yup, mama wore those, struck a cord, so thanks ;)

    Oh and about the wretched little monstors that make us itch...nope, can shed absolutely no light except rub rub rub and don't scratch :(

    Do you have a twitter account? I find you absolutely hilarious!!!!

  17. uhmmmmm... this is seriously like the cutest outfit ever. It looks perfect on you! I wouldn't change one single thing about it. I especially love the headband.

    And YES, I react horribly to mosquito bites. They get really white and giant... the last one I got ended up swelling wider than the quarter I held up to it. Maybe it's a new breed of zombie mosquito?

  18. This is so cute!! Wish I could pull something like this off especially the headband looks adorable on you!

  19. Love this outfit and your head band. I am so excited because I used to wear headbands a lot and since chopping my hair off have avoided them. You look fantastic with one so I am going to be pulling my back out:) Love the short haired button and added it to my blog!




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