Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Tale of Two Tights

So it actually just occurred to me that that is a really stupid name for this post, as this post is photos of me from yesterday and today wearing the same pair of tights.  Is that gross?  Whatever.

It should be called something like "A Tale of One Pair of Tights Worn Two Different Ways" which has far less of a ring to it, and the alliteration is not so striking when it is lengthened like that.  

But anyway, the first outfit I wore to dinner with Bahb to this wonderful place in downtown Phoenix called Bliss.

I mean wonderful.  I had a grilled cheese sandwich (OHMYGODILOVEGRILLEDCHEESES) and it had not only cheese in it, but also bacon and pear slices.  I know, right?!  So good.  

I also had a cucumber martini and it was insanely refreshing.  

It was just a nice evening out with muh babby.  It was gorgeous outside, so we sat on the patio, and there were tea lights in the trees and it was in an artsy part of town, so it was done up all cute.  Not to mention the martini got me reasonably wasted as it realistically only contained vodka with little bits of cucumber mixed in.

Romper: Urban Outfitters (Nom de Plume) 
Tights: Target
Bag: Vintage Coach thrifted at some point
Belt: Thrifted at some point
Shoes: MIA
Heart-shaped Sunglasses: Juicy Couture

So I can usually never wear rompers... my torso is fuh-reakishly long.  I'm serious, I'm 5'8 and every pair of jeans ever needs to be hemmed because I only have a 31" inseam, as all my height is in my torso. Basically rompers are a bad, wedgie-inducing scene. This one, however, fit pretty well. At least as well as could be hoped for with a torso such as mine. Then when I saw it was marked down to $4.99?  Well, I really had no choice at that point.

 Now for today's outfit...

This dress is uh-mazing.  I'm really abusing the italics on this post, aren't I?  Aren't I???!?

Anyway, this dress was on super sale from Modcloth and although I never have luck with their dresses as they usually never carry things in my size, this dress fit surprisingly perfect.

I love the juxtaposition of the starry print with the vintage silhouette.  I mean look at that sweetheart neckline! So high!  So demure! 

Also, and perhaps the most wonderful thing of all, it has... brace yourself... LITTLE TINY RHINESTONES SCATTERED ABOUT IT SPORADICALLY!  AHHHHHHHHH!  I love shiny things, so heck yeah I was excited.

Although driving home from work today the light caught on a rhinestone just so and it blinded me momentarily. No big deal, but still kind of funny; the irony of what I love most (shiny things) ultimately leading to my downfall. 

Dress: Some random Modcloth find
Tights: Target
Bag: Thrifted from somewhere
Bangle: The Goodwill by my house
Shoes: Poetic Licence  
Sun Glasses: Ray Bans

Anyway, I am still up to my eyeballs in crap to do for school, and my house and truck have consequently gone to shit.  I mean dishes everywhere; books, paper scattered about.  Empty energy drink cans on every surface.  It's really embarrassing, and I need to pick up after myself.  After finals, promise!

Ok, study time!  Have wonderful days anyone who sees this :)


  1. Dang, girl, you OWN pattern-mixing. Love the tights with both looks. I actually plan on wearing the same pair of tights tomorrow that I wore today, so no judgment here!

  2. Ack, I LOVE the first outfit... that romper is just ridiculously cute. I'm too scared to wear them but you look so cute in it!

    And the shoes from the second outfit are gorgeousss. If they go missing from your closet any time soon I may or may not have anything to do with it... ;)

  3. I don't think it's gross to wear the same tights multiple days, so no worries. I am not a romper girl, but you're wearing yours well. (:

    I would stick around to say more, but I have a PILE of school work to get done. Midterm madness is in full swing (I still have 5 weeks to go) and my grades depend on me not being on blogger. See how well that's going?

  4. You are wearing and rockin' all the things I can never wear - that romper and those kickbutt tights! I love your unexpected but totally workable combos!

  5. wish i can find that tights, i love the prints! i cant forget my mom gave me one when i was in kindergarten..ugh...anyway, what a sexy outfit for a date! can't get any sexier....and those shoes- Poetic, are lovely in prints! It reminded me of Nine West's printed peep toe..

  6. You are patterb mixing like nobody's business! Those tights are what dreams are made of (it's ok I've worn the same pair in a row!) Mmm I'm a big fan of grilled cheese too!

  7. I especially love the tights with the first outfit.

  8. I agree with Kimi about your ability to mix patterns. In fact, I am quite jealous. And thank you for wearing a romper on your blog. I have been debating on whether to buy one because I am pretty sure I can't pull it off, but you have inspired me to try.

  9. Na, I sometimes where tights two days in a row. These are pretty cool and I'm loving them with those shoes! The dress is darling, and the fact that there are death defying rhinestones scattered about makes it even more darling!

  10. wow..that's what a call a statement thights!!! love them.


  11. Wait... isn't it normal to wear the same tights for 2 days (...or even 3)?! I'm either way more gross or it's ok... I go with ok! You look fabulously crazy which is the best outfit combination! And I'm glad you're a cheese lover! I can't bond with people who think that cheese is smelly!
    p.s. - I cleaned my stinky apartment today! It's all shiny now! Love it!! Kisses :)

  12. Those tights look great to me, loving the mixture of patterns on the tights AND then the dress. Oh and totally not gross, I often wear my tights at least 2x before washing them...that's normal right?!! haha!

  13. I'm totally digging both looks. The tights are rad, the romper is cute, and the sparkly dress is fabulous:) And the cucumber martini sounds so delicious.

  14. You look adorable!! I love those tights. They are so awesome!!

  15. The different patterns look like they were meant to be worn together. So effortless.

    And wearing em more than once is quite normal! Especially when they're prone to getting messed up in the wash. I get my money's worth! Lol

  16. aww, i never wash my tights. (should i actually be writing that?) i feel like i never wear 'em all that long and then they run and die. so i think wearing 'em 2x in a row is so okay. i love the pattern, BTW. lovely.

    also LOVE the romper (i "need" a romper) and that dress is shiny and awesome. but dangerous. and i love a fancy grilled cheese. yummy!!!

  17. At first, I was like, that's the tiniest dress in the whole wide world, then I read it was a romper. I too have issues with rompers, but mostly because shorts are a general problem for those of us whose thighs rub together when we walk, and cause our shorts to retreat into our vaginas.

    LOVE the shoes in the second outfit.

  18. This looks great on you. Funny that your torso is "freakishly" long, because that's something I would kill to have as well as the no boobies. :-)

    strawberry freckleface

  19. that place sounds awesome it reminds me of Fez I think that's what it's called.

  20. I'm rather obsessed with your tights. x hivenn

  21. Such a great outfit!

    xo, Allie

  22. Oh wowww! Those tights are incredible indeed! I love love love the pattern!


  23. haha thaanks. I seriously love your hair- wish I could be brave enough to cut mine like that! cute romper also:)

  24. i LOVE your style! that black halter dress is so marilyn monroe-esque and rockin! =)

  25. hahaha you're funny :) Love the tights, the whole outfit actually! Great look!


  26. Gah! You look awesome, as always. Slightly rather extremely jealous...

    PS: New face paint over at mine ^^


    I mean, first of all, GRILLED CHEESE. That just gives you awesome cred because WHO DOESN'T LIKE GRILLED CHEESE? (Actually, I have a friend that hates them. She's a goof.)

    And anyways, you look RIDICULOUSLY FIERCE. I'm so envious of those tights. Apparently Target is coming to Canada. I didn't think much of it. But, now it's striking me that OH WOAH I MIGHT GET COOL TIGHTS. I'm excited now! hehe. Thanks.

    And also, I think a billion people would love to have the "Oh, I'm too tall for rompers" problem. Hahah! I'm so jealous that your 5'8. MODELICIOUS.

    Good luck with decreasing your piles of work! 'Twill all work out in the end, surely!
    P.S. a little delayed, but thank you for all your high school advice. It was seriously... perfect.

  28. Good luck on finals and missing your blogs!

  29. The Tights! The Tights! Target you rule! And your short is ever so cute

  30. Those tights are super amazing! love them!

    - Che


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