Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bom Bom Chicka Chicka Chicka Oh Yeah

I couldn't think of a title, so I named it after how that song from Ferris Bueller's Day Off sounds to me.

I'm branching out.  These were taken in my front yard, as in people could see me, well they could see me if they drove by, but only one car drove by.  But yeah, so kind of a big step for me here.  I went from absolutely dreading even the thought of having my picture taken to being "meh" about it to being "meh" yet slightly adventurous about it... I'm getting cuh-cuh-cuh-crazy.

The picture below is of me at the exact moment of realization that there are literally hundreds of bees just chilling in that bush.  I know they wanted my Diet Coke, but like hell I'd give it up without a fight.  

Wait, have we ever spoken about my obsession with Diet Coke before?  

Bahb gives me shit because I will have an open can in the closest cup holder in my truck, and then an unopened one (my refill, as he refers to it) sitting right next to it at the ready.  You open up my fridge and it's like MTV Cribs up in that bitch.  I will have sometimes as many as 48 cans lined up neatly on the top shelf.  

Anyway, enough about me and my drank. I felt so ladylike all day! I love the full chiffon skirt on this dress, and I almost never wear heels so there was definitely some added feminine novelty there. How sad am I that I consider these heels?  

Heart tights!  They're just so cute, but I have only worn them this one time and they are already mangled beyond recognition.  I would say that I need to remember not to get hosiery from Urban Outfitters, but really?  It's not just the hosiery from Urban Outfitters.  I love that store, believe you me, but I am continually having my heart broken by the quality.  Le sigh.

Dress: Urban Outfitters (Cooperative)
Tights: Urban Outfitters
Bangle: a Goodwill somewhere
Shoes: MIA ($20 at the Clearance Dillard's)
Sun Glasses: Ray Bans

So my mom is on a plane right now, as I type, going back to Maryland, how fussy is that!  It was just too little time together.  I love when I visit because it's like I'm in high school again.  We shop every day, run errands like get groceries and pick up dry cleaning and dinner's ready every night at 6.  After dinner we'll watch Ghost Hunters or Ghost Adventures (my mom calls the dude from Ghost Adventures Sexy Zach sarcastically... read: we are the same person) and drink hot chocolate with Crown Royal in it until we've thoroughly scared ourselves and then we go to bed.  The next morning we wake up and do it all over again.  It's wonderful!

Oh well, I guess I have no choice but to take a trip out to see her in October when all of the leaves are changing.  Oh no!  I am such a sucker for leaves.  Palm trees and palo verdes don't have leaves that change colors, if you can believe it, so I really never get to enjoy any sort of a fall display 'round my neck of the woods.

This post is all over the place, and while I do apologize, I have to admit that everything I post will probably be a discombobulated jumble of various strings of words and pictures until finals are over next week.  Muh brains are just plain tired!   

Imma take a nap.  Night night!  Have wonderful Tuesdays anyone who sees this!


  1. I love the pic of just your legs and the next one of the back of your skirt. That bow is too cute. Your house and yard look like they're amazing. So awesome.

    I have a friend with the same Diet Coke obsession. It's insane. We call it DC.

  2. hehee...I'm so glad I'm not the only ghost hunters nerd out there. I love Sexy Steve from Ghost Hunters. My husband gives me a hard time everytime he's on. haha!!

    And I love that dress!! What a fun find from Urban Outfitters.

  3. You look so pretty! I just love that little bow on the back! SOOOO cute!!! Love your blog and now following! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment:)


  4. Ferris Bueller and Ghost Hunters are two of my favourite things to watch! Also, hot chocolate with Crown Royal is amazing. I like your taste!

    Not to mention you look lovely! I love the stripes on the top of the dress with the heart tights. Adorable.

  5. I love how your posts are always all over the place! I feel like I'm forgetting to comment about the billion things I meant to comment about. So, um, yeah. Just know that I enjoy your scrambled up posts, even though I disregard a lot of what you say in my comments because I forget and OH SHEESH AM I EVEN MAKING SENSE?

    Anyways. You look fabulous. Sorry about the poo-quality tights - but they look great in these photos!

    And hahaha. I used to take photos indoors, in front of a white wall for the longgggest time. Outdoors is nerveracking. WTF ARE YOU DOING STARES? are not my friend.

  6. cute shoes! love the whole outfit. :)

  7. Seriously love those shoes and of course that gorgeous dress! Also I get all embarrassed when I take photos in public places so I don't do it very often!

  8. Love the bow and peekaboo element of the back of the dress! Good for you, venturing out and all :) I usually prefer places where I won't get stared at as well but sometimes it can't be helped. In between shots I stare at the person staring at me...really people...just taking photos, nothing to see here, move along!!!

    ps., cute tights :)

  9. Who cares if your posts are scrambled all over the place? I think I can safely say everyone loves reading your blog for that reason. I know I do anyway.

    Seems this was mom week. My mom just left this weekend. -sigh-

    But I so feel you on the tights! It's gotten to the point I just buy drugstore ones (if I wanna wear plain ones) cause I ALWAYS manage to reem them in the first hour of wearing them. Don't ask. -_-

  10. I covet this whole look. I tend to avoid UO because I love everything there so much, but can't afford most of it. But they do have pretty good sales...

    Anyway, I still hide in my backyard for photos. I may tiptoe outside the confines of my privacy fence one of these days (I spotted some purdy flowers just over yonder that are just waiting to adorn OOTD shots), but we'll see. It's slow going, theis style blogger confidence thing.

    Diet Coke is the shiz.

  11. great dress!

  12. lovely tights you are wearing! haha I'd love to see some palm trees where I am, it's just leaves leaves and leaves here :D

  13. i like posts that are all over the place, they read like how you talk, i'm assuming! i also adore this dress. i want it...and the tights, too! you look so cute!

  14. thanks for the award hun! i adore your tights and skirt. xx

  15. i love the style of that dress, first i thought it's a top and a skirt but when the back was seen, there's a hole and a bow, so stylish!--,

  16. lol I'm not a big fan of blake lively either because I think she is an over rated actress

    btw I'm your newest follower :D

  17. great outfit doll...soo super cute.



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