Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dumps Like a Truck

So I recently gained like 8 pounds.  Well maybe "recently" isn't entirely accurate, since Christmas let's say.  

Now I am usually ridiculously hard on myself about my weight, but this time I kind of just let it slide.  I haven't wasted much time worrying about it or starting in on this vicious cycle of self-loathing that sometimes I tend to do.  I've kind of just accepted that my bum and thighs have filled out a little bit, and at 24, that's probably completely normal.  Besides, I weigh the least when I'm unhappy, so I can't really complain too much... :o)

But now that it's getting hotter and my outfits will need to get correspondingly smaller, I'm starting to get a little bit insecure.

I mean I put on these shorts and wondered, "should I actually go out in public in these?"  

But it is such a long walk from where I park to the lab, that unless I am fine with being a sweat-soaked mass of fussiness by the time I get there, Imma need to show some skin.

My main reason for photographing this outfit today, although I'm pressed for time, is just to try and see if it is offensive for my newly thicker bottom half to be showcased thusly... 

Meh, I'm sure it's fine.  I'm also sure that no one give a shit what I look like from the waist down.

Like a wise woman I once knew said, "I can't see behind me and see how fat my ass looks, so why should I waste time worrying about it?"

Shirt: Thrifted Ecote
Cami: Express circa 2002
Shorts: Urban Outfitters (Nom de Plume)
Belt: Thrifted
Sun Glasses: Forever 21
Sandals: Coach

So I am still ridiculously burned on my back, a little tiny bit on my chest and all over my bum, so bras, form-fitting shirts and rigid denim were completely out of the question.  

I have to say that this outfit is soft and comfy and probably the most perfect post-sunburn outfit I've ever concocted!

Sorry if I seemed whiny about the whole weight thing...

Twas not my intention, I just wanted to mention it since it was on my mind, anyway, have great Wednesdays anyone who sees this!


  1. i think it looks great! they are definitely not too short :) and the mix of prints is fab! xo

  2. Your ass couldn't look big in those shorts if it tried! You look extra hot here - a few extra pounds suits you. Loving the shirt with the shorts!

  3. Finally! Blogger comments work for me. I sent an email to your blog address yesterday. I desperately wanted to comment on your post about Mexico but was thwarted by Blogger, so I emailed it instead. I'm a nerd.

  4. Girl, you wear those shorts. Cut off shorts in general (though I know you didn't "cut off" those shorts) are so freaking comfortable. I honestly feel a little slutty when I wear them...but it's a good slutty feeling, not a bad one at all. I do not find them offensive in the slightest on you. They look good!

  5. Bah! You have absolutely nothing to worry about. Those shorts look killer on you!

  6. Yes you should def go out in those shorts- leopard print short shorts- love them! And you look great, you have a beautiful figure, I think we're always harder on ourselves. I was wearing a cropped blouse the other day wondering- good lord should I be sucking my stomach in (I gave up!)

  7. I say go forth and be confident because you look great as you are. I would never see you walking down the street and think that you should cover up or something like that. Own it, because you body looks just fine as far as I can see. (: Minus the sunburn (ouch).

  8. girl, you look great! you rock those leopard shorts like no other. xx

  9. Those shorts are so cute! I would never have even noticed you gained a little weight (though I haven't been following your blog that long, so maybe I'm not the best judge). I sympathize with the insecurity, though. Most of the time I wear knee-length skirts so it's not a big deal, but when it's swimsuit time I am a nervous wreck over how my butt and thighs looks. We're always most critical of ourselves, though, and most people probably wouldn't even think twice about it.

  10. Girl I know you're crazy.... but still... Are you crazy??? Cause I thought you're a logical individual! Check back to my blog more often and watch some outfit pics. When you realize I'm double your size (and still hot btw...) you'll come back to your senses! I'm sure!! It's just a crisis and you'll snap out of it! Hot bum by the way! (and by "hot" I don't mean burnt! Hihihi).
    Kisses :)

  11. Uh. I guess I don't really know what you looked like pre-Christmas, but you look completely fine right now. Your pictures don't even show any sort of insecurity :D You look great, actually.

    I love how you've belted the semi-oversized shirt.

  12. Um, there's not an ounce of body fat on you, miss! Now when your thighs keep jiggling long after you stop moving, then I'd say there's a problem..hehehe. For me, am despretly trying to loose the two chins I have from overindulging on my cruise! It's all good though :)

    Loving the mixed prints!!

  13. love the patterns together! cute

  14. Thank you for your honest perspective on your self view. I have the same nasty habit. It totally sucks but blogging has actually helped to keep things in perspective. You are a super tiny person! Look that your amazing muscle tone in your thighs! I would love to have that definition.

    Be kind to yourself! I LOVE your combination of patterns. The shorts are killer!



  15. Um hi, when I was 21, I wore a size 0 to a 2. I am almost 30, and I am lucky if my ass will fit into a 12 most days. A women's 12, not even like some little impossible junior's cut. My hips and boobs started growing in my early 20's, and due to the fact I drink, I eat what I want and I don't exactly work out, some other fat has worked its way in there too. I go back and forth between having mental breakdowns over it and not giving a shit. If I wanted to drag my ass to the gym, I could be a 6, but ultimately, my thoughts are, meh.

    I think you look great and you're still totes skinny even if you have gained 8 measly pounds. Wear dem shorts, gurl.

  16. You are still absolutely tiny and absolutely gorgeous! Those shorts look incredible on you.

  17. wow alex i love those shorts with that plaid shirt you look amazing!!

  18. Every time I've tried on shorts since it's warmed up here in NY I have these same exact thoughts because I've put on about 10 lbs. But instead of worrying about getting sweaty on my walk to the train station, I worry about the rowdy neighbor men. Smh

    Cute outfit though. Love how the prints are complete opposites and work so well. I've got on some leopard today too. =)

  19. they are definitely short shorts...
    but your boday looks great :)

  20. very beautiful outfit:)...I love your style:)

  21. You look great! Nothing to worry about.

  22. the outfit is incredibly hot and stylishly matched=)SG's on F21 are also interesting !

  23. You're so crazy and sweet, I had to give you a blog award!! Come check out when you can!! Kisses :)

  24. girl, you crazy! you look beautiful! you've got the most amazing bod of anyone. seriously. i'm coveting your bod right now and wishing i looked like that. anyway, i get it though. and those shorts with that plaid top? genius. you look fab!

  25. ok i must tell u that i think u;re crazy to think that u dont have the body to wear these shorts. u are super hot and your body is so well toned. u look extremely healthy and fit and since u are happy then its perfect. dont even think about loosing weigth or being down on yourself.

  26. You remind me so much of karla from karla's closet, in these shots x



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