Thursday, June 2, 2011

Arizona Adventures

Oh no!  I've been a terrible blogger lately, haven't I?!

This past week I had my amazing little cousin, Emily, come to visit from Illinois.  She had never been to Arizona before, and I did everything I could to make sure she saw just as much of it as possible!  I took her down to Tombstone and Bisbee, just a few dozen miles from the border of Mexico, all the way up to Lake Powell at the Utah border.  

My dad took us to the Grand Canyon and Antelope Canyon, which was a first even for me!

Here's how you get into Antelope Canyon... what the fuck, right?

Here's some of my pictures of the canyon.  Emily and I scampered off in the canyon taking snapshots and climbing and exploring while my dad took his time taking beautiful photographs.

I took all of these though, so compositionally correct they are not.

Emily leadin' the way.

Three showers later and I still have dirt in my hair... but it was totally worth it.

Me leadin' the way.

We climbed on stuff!

Here's the pictures from the Grand Canyon.

Doin' sum lunges... noooo big deal.

This seemed like a very appropriate place to practice me some made up Tai Chi.

While my dad was taking his photographs, Emily and I took embarrassing pictures of each other.

Stereotypical tourist pose.

Cuz Love!

Best picture.  Ever.

We saw nature!  Then we chased nature.

Eeeeesh.  I made the mistake of looking in before I went potty.

It's cute how much of a little ham in front of the camera my cousin is... probably because she's an aspiring Broadway actress.

More pictures of the canyon that my camera couldn't really do justice.  I can't wait to see the photos my dad got.

Last but not least, especially because we went here first... Tombstone and Bisbee!

These were taken at the Birdcage Theater.  There is an episode of Ghost Adventures (with Sexy Zac!) that was filmed here, as it is notorious in regards to paranormal activity.

The Black Moriah.  This horse-drawn hearse is one of six created in the 1880's, and the only left in existence.  It is worth upwards of $2 million.  

Apparently the naked figure of one of the "soiled doves" who, ahem, entertained in the Birdcage Theater's private rooms is seen down here from time to time. 

That table is where the world's longest poker game took place.  It lasted 8 years and 5 months.  There was a $1,000 buy-in, which in the 1880's was over $30,000.

Where the magic happened.  In this room Wyatt Earp solicited a prostitute named Sadie Jo, for whom he later left his common-law wife, Mattie Blaylock.

Birdcage Theater, or, apparently, Theatre.

Wonder Buns!  

I didn't get many pictures in Bisbee, which is an uh-mazingly photogenic little town, because I was pms-ing real bad and wanted to get started on the 4 hour drive home sooner rather than later.

But we still wandered around a little and went to a few antique shops.

Anyway, that was what I've been doing!  I hope everyone has had great weeks, and sorry if this post is a little discombobulated... I took over 520 pictures and had a hell of a time picking my favorites!

Have great days anyone who may see this!


  1. wowza! Totally worth the wait- what an amazing trip. Isn't it great how however jaded you get in our image saturated world, a stunning landscape can still blow your mind!

  2. Wow, I love these! I clearly need to visit Arizona...

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  3. SO many incredible photos. I don't even know where to start. Looks like you had a fun time (the lunges and taichi are my favorite, I have to admit), though that entrance looks a liiittle sketchy, if you ask me. Luckily, it doesn't sound like anyone sustained any injuries, haha.

  4. Amazing!!! I love the pics! All I can say is - "you're too close to the edge"!! I'm glad you had fun though! (and you're back safe obviously!) :)

  5. I love these!! Those canyon pics are awesome! I've never been out west and am dying to see the Grand Canyon and stuff like that. PS, isn't it funny people say "out west" and "back east" like we just pioneered the west last year?

  6. Wow, those formations are really freakin amazing! Can't wait to take a road trip to the grand canyon! Must move it up on my list!!!

  7. I can't believe these little towns still exist!! I'm practically hyperventilating over how cool these pictures are!

    I want to go to there.

    The canyons are pretty cool too.

  8. what a cool trip! my hubby and i used to go to all the national parks before we had the kiddos. but it's been a while now. so i love seeing these pics. i miss being able to take road trips like this!

  9. awesome pictures! I went to the Grand Canyon when I was sixteen and I just remember being terrified the whole time. I wouldn't get anywhere near the edge and my brother was jumping around. I was certain he was going to fall over into the canyon. Also, did you know that on average, eight people per year die by falling off the Canyon? That was the statistic in 1999.

  10. I had no idea/forgot you lived in Arizona. Going to Antelope Canyon is something I've wanted to do forever! Your pictures just make me want to go more!

  11. These pictures are amazing, I love the one where you both are jumping! Too cute!


  12. Cool photos! I'm an outdoorsy girl but living in NYC sorta kills that spirit. Dirty ass city.

    But I wonder if Gaga could hold her poker face for that long. Eight years plus? WTF?!!


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