Tuesday, March 22, 2011

oh no!


This blog was supposed to be a joint effort, then we both just went "meh" about it...
and life...
and hanging out together in general...

(Andrew, if you ever read this, I feel like you're mad I didn't go to your birthday... I would've but you only invited me like 3 hours before and I already had a ton of shit I could not get out of... I'm sorry!)

Now it's just me. Hi! I'm Alex. I don't know why I desperately want to chronicle my outfits, but something about fashion blahging (it's more phonetically correct) seems fun as hell.

Except, except, except, except...

1. I can not take a good picture to save my life


2. I HATE having my picture taken.

But I feel I should try and extricate myself from my shell of camera shy?

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