Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Oh no! Mi Ojos!

Yesterday was a red letter poopy day for my eyes!

First... I left my samples in the oven for what would be a run involving five different cycles of ramping to various temperatures and holding for various amounts of time that would add up to around 40 hours total... needless to say I programmed the oven and left.  Well, I returned the next day to check on it and it said POWER FAILURE across the screen, so I go "Oh no!  My samples!" and open the oven only to find my face greeted with 1300 degrees Celsius of blazing heat.  HOOOOOLY crap.  There is no way to adequately describe the awesomeness of that kind of heat assaulting you from 6 inches away.

My eyes still kind of hurt and my vision was blurry and watery for awhile... I am horrified there might be permanent damage, but Bahb assured me the same thing happened to him plenty when he used to fire his own pottery (have I ever bragged about his pottery?!  It's beautiful and he gives me some from time to time!).

THEN!  Then I noticed I didn't have my glasses in my purse and I remembered I was struggling to put them back in their case at the checkout at Target when I was buying a sun tea jar (I just HAD to have sun tea, didn't I?!).  Since the sun tea jar was too big to carry with one hand, I guess I didn't notice in my fumblings that my glasses didn't make it into my purse.  

By the time I noticed they were missing they were long gone.  Even though they were prescription, they were still Ray Ban Wayfarers and the lady at Target broke it down for me when she said "look, many people have lost Ray Bans here, but none have ever made it to the lost and found."

People these days!  I need those to SEEEEEE!

Button Up: H&M
Dress: Urban Outfitters (Nom de Plume)
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbells
Bangles: Forever 21

I need to rush off to get my hair cut and dyed right now.  I am trying to grow it out, but I just want to cut it short so much.  It will be an epic battle to see how long I hold out before I have an ultra-pixie again.  

Also, I need to go get some glasses today!  My old ones look terrible and make me dizzy.  I'm kind of tearing up thinking about my old glasses, they were with me through a lot.  They were tear-stained for months after a really bad break-up, but they were also cutely misshapen from falling asleep (in jamroom, duh!) countless happy, snuggly times with Bahb after watching marathon amounts of To Catch a Predator or The Office.  Good or bad, they were my key to understanding and interacting with my world and I never would have imagined my connection with them would be this profound.

I'm literally tearing up!  I mean, really?  Who cries over lost glasses?  It's like they were my security blankie... my reassuring comfort that no matter how random and strange my new "adult" life might become they would always be there and I would always look out from behind them unchanged.  

As I sit here, squinting at the computer screen trying to see what I'm typing, I implore you, go hug and kiss your glasses, tell them how much you appreciate them.


  1. Geez, that's a pretty shitty day. On the plus said, I love those Jeffrey Campbell's - tres awesome!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  2. I'd cry over lost glasses... a lot! :(

  3. Aww that really sucks. People who don't turn things into lost and found are assholes.

    On a brighter note, I like this lace/mini skirt layering thing you have going on here. There's so many elements happening in your outfit. I like it.

    Hey btw, I want pen pals this summer and thought I'd ask some bloggers that I actually like talking to if they're into it. Do you want to be pen pals???!! With Lisa Frank stationary?

  4. Looooooove those shoes! The skirt is awesome of course as well! Ohhh, can't wait to see the finished product. Kinda liking the pixie cut on you though :)

  5. Ugh, your day sucked butt!! I'm so sorry you had to have such a crappy day, but it can only get better from here, right? And you look cute, so that's already better! I love those wedges!!

  6. I feel your pain, girl. I feel it. I've lost glasses in the past, and it sucks. I always feel so helpless afterward, then enraged, then sad. Then I accept it and vow to not lose the next pair, even thought I WILL NEVER LOVE ANOTHER PAIR OF GLASSES LIKE I LOVED THIS PAIR, but then I do, and the cycle repeats itself. I've actually had my current pair of glasses for over a year. Knock on wood.

    Oh yes. Your outfit. Love the skirt! At first I thought it was a skirt OVER a skirt, but upon closer examination I see it is, in fact, one skirt. Well played, Urban Outfitters. Well played.

  7. I just cleaned a layer of grime off my beloved peepers in thanks for all they do- that sucks that you lost your fave frames! I mean, when I lost mine for 3 months, it was just behind a bookcase. But losing them out in the world is so sad- you're always wondering where they are now, who has them...

    Now, I don't know how distinctive they are, but my BF once lost a hand-knit winter hat he'd had since childhood and actually came across someone wearing it 2 years later (their roommate found it in a snowbank and they'd just recently started wearing it- they actually very graciously gave it back to him!)

  8. Ohh your shoes are amazing, love it ^^


  9. I totally understand. It really sucks to lose things. But! (and I'm not being condescending here.) You will get over it.

    Maybe take a bit to recover and them go and buy something?

  10. Aww, this is lovely,
    I love it!

    Henar ♥
    ... OH MY VOGUE !

  11. Alex that skirt is really pretty!!

  12. that's such a bummer! i can't believe someone didn't return your glasses. people really suck sometimes.

    but i love your outfit and i really want those shoes. they are too die for!!!

  13. AAAWWW...I'm so sorry that happened to you honey!! people sometimes can be so mean :(

    Your skirt is so pretty.

    <3 Marina

  14. sorry to know about the oven and your eyes=( i hope they will get better..i myslef am paranoid w/o having my glasses when I leave the house. i love your skirt and those are the almost same shoes as mine!=)i also love the Grand Canyon photos, really wanted to go there!!

  15. Aww..I hope your day gets better!

    Your skirt is lovely by the way.

  16. That skirt is stunning!! LOVE your blog :) xx

  17. Your shoes are awesome! Love this outfit <3

  18. Alex, I love this! Button up layered over the dress is beautiful. So sorry about your glasses. I know you'll find the perfect pair and be just as in love with those and make new memories.

  19. Ouch! You're poor eyes!
    I don't think I've ever seen shoes like that before, very cool :)

  20. You hair looks cute short. :) This outfit is amazing. I adore the shoes, and the button-down shirt is lovely and gives your outfit an unexpected touch of casual.


  21. Alex we are missing you where are you??

  22. Send me a message with your address!!!

  23. It's a pity to stop blogging Alex! I'll miss you! Heck, I already kind of miss you!! Why don't you try to just blog when you feel like it? (it works for me). I wish the best anyway in your life! :)

  24. beautiful blog :)
    I'd be happy if you check out my blog and follow if you like. xx

  25. OMG I love your shoes! the black and white combination is awesome!


  26. Your shoes are AMAZING! <3


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