Thursday, April 4, 2013

You KNOW I hate your hats...

I was told that once by my roommate. For some reason she hates this hat I'm wearing. Whateva, refrigerators gon' refrigerate. That's the saying, right?

I love this hat simply because it is ever so slightly reminiscent of a cloche, and goddammit, there is nothing I love more than the 1920's.  That decade was my shit. In high school I read EVERY PUBLISHED WORD written by F. Scott Fitzgerald.  I read letters he sent to friends, his largely hit or miss short stories,  his literary masterpieces... everything.  I could not get enough of the man's tales of the Jazz Age. 

But I have always been drawn to the 1920's.  I mean, a girl like me?  I can really get behind a decade devoted to short hair and flat chests.  Me, my perpetual pixie cut or bob, and my 32As would have been the pinnacle of hotness, I tell you what.

In fact, me and the Roarin' Twenties kinda got a weird thing going on.  Bahb and I were driving in Mexico once on a long, deserted stretch of highway with sand dunes on either side; there were a few worn billboards, and besides that, little else.  After a while of contemplation, I turned to him and said, "I've been here before, but it was in the 1920's." It just came out, it felt right, but seriously, what the hell.  Bahb gave me a non-committal response on par with, "that's nice, hun."

I mean, is there anyone else out there with an unhealthy obsession with a particular decade?! That's normal, right?  RIGHT?

Dress: Dear Creatures
Sweater: Scrapbook
Hat: Pins and Needles (Urban Outfitters)
Purse: Vintage Coach
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Yeah, so anyway, it's starting to look like Rosie is probably going to be popping up into all of these posts from here on out.  She is one curious little bean and always wants to know what's going on... and, well, between the deafness and the cataracts, she legitimately needs to get within inches to feel out a situation.  Aww, my dear, sweet, geriatric boxer puppy!

All of this talk of my 20's fixation makes me want to revisit the Beautiful and the Damned. While there is currently no time leftover for leisurely romps through imaginationland with my friend, Reading, once my comprehensive is over I intend on making much more time for leisurely reading.  There is little more depressing than reading research publication after research publication.  Where is the whimsy in that?! 

Have wonderful days anyone who may or may not stumble across this.


  1. You do carry off a hat well! I have to admit that I only read Gatsby for the first time last year... I loved it, and I'm kind of glad that I didn't get through all the classics in my young voracious reading years, because it's wonderful to read them for the first time later in life too!

    I didn't love everything about Woody Allen's 'Midnight in Paris' but I thought it was great that people in the 20s were dreaming of living in the 1890s...we all want to be somewhere else! I don't know what my best era is- I think I just want to go back in time and pick out some outfits and undergarments from a variety of periods. that would be cool (and I do dream about it!)

  2. I think the hat looks great - and I say that as someone who is totally incapable of pulling off hats (seriously). Yeah, I think it's totally working.

    Courtney ~

  3. Lovely!!!

  4. Now that is a great twist to stripes and a fab jacket! I just love the touch!

  5. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog!

    I love the hat! It really suits you. I love the fashion of the 20's too but I'm more of a 50's shape so that's the era I wear most.
    I look forward to reading more of your posts.

    Abi xx

  6. Your dress is so gorgeous! xx

  7. Hello there, thanks for popping over to mine. Your roommate could not be more wrong about the hat. I am with you on the 20's - the fashion, the writing. Have you seen Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris? It made me want to go to the 20's in a taxi even more. I coveted the dresses they wore in the film. drop-waisted, ruffled fronts.. aaahh.

    1. oh my gosh, no, I had never heard of that movie! I just looked it up... and it is officially in my Netflix queue... thanks for the recommendation!

  8. Haha I'm not sure if everyone has certain obsessions but I know what you mean. I wouldn't mind going back a few decades. Your probably can't wait till The Great Gatsby will be released in cinema!

  9. alex, that hat suits you. i really like it with your darling dress too. big hugs to rosie. i think liking another decade is normal. what do you think of the previous for the newest great gatsby?

  10. hahah i am in LOVE with this post, you are SO funny. i think i'd be amazing in the 20s too. i'd be able to smoke fabulously through long cigarette sticks and wear wet red lipstick all day long. sign me up. i love that you felt like you were on that stretch of road back in the 20s- and your boyfriend's response to it haha.

    Ps love your shoes- and your hat. Your roommate needs to reassess her opinion ;)

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

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  12. really nice.

  13. I can see why you'd be attached to the 20's. You'd fit in perfect during that time! :D

    And for the record, I love your hat.

    twitter and instagram: @BelatedBloomer

  14. That is one beautiful striped dress. Love the outfit. Thanks for posting the photos and feel free to drop by me too soon.

  15. you always crack me up! the 20s, huh? i do love a cloche. i have a couple of em. get buying them up whenever target designers did hats. i'm adoring that sweater. it really caught my eye and then i saw it was scrapbook which is one of my faves! anyway, you look amazing as always.

  16. You are so the 1920's. Hmmm do I feel like I belong in another decade? Maybe the 70's. I think I should have been in my twenties or thirties in the 1970's.


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