Tuesday, April 2, 2013


WHAT?  What does that title even mean?  I'm sleep deprived.

I guess I am writing stories about studying for my Compulsories.  Hence Compul-stories... except they aren't called compulsories, I mean yes, they are compulsory, but, they are called Comprehensives.  My mom just insists on referring to them as my compulsories, "how are you're compulsories goin' hon??" she'll ask sweetly, and I'll cringe like a little ingrate at the faux pas.  

My mom is wonderful... my brother used to work at a popular night club called Pussy Cat Lounge and my mother would often ask him how things are going at the Pussy Club.  The last time I met up with her and my stepdad for dinner when they were in town she requested we meet at the Big Johnson's Steak House on Main... 

"You mean Bill Johnson's Big Apple?"

"That's what I said." No, no it wasn't, what you said was definitely more awesome, Mom.

I love it and her and unintentional sexual undertones.

Isn't it kind of warm for a get up like that, you may ask...

And you'd be right, except these were taken (relatively) early in the morning, and it is still lovely and freezing then... the layers come off quickly, I assure you.

Like so...

I still hate taking pictures, so some dumb looking stuff serves as passable with me. Anyway, my compulsories... they have been literally all I've done the month of March.  I work on the paper, which is essentially my dissertation prospectus, basically until I fall asleep, then I wake up and go "OH SHIT, I FELL ASLEEP!" and begin working on it again immediately.  

Tank top: Free People
Cardigan: BDG (Urban Outfitters)
Pants: Free People
Scarf: Forever 21
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

This has proceeded day in and day out for the last month.  It's getting to the point where I have zero enthusiasm.  I am an automaton.  It's gotten pretty bad, there was even some panic attacks in there... but thankfully I have the most supportive and incredible boyfriend in the world.  I'm serious, Bahb, will have earned a PhD just as much as me by the end of this.  He has literally been there for me every step of the way these past three years, whether its bringing me Samoas and orchids after I have a really rough week, or leaving the bar to come over and help me when I'm freaking out about my Comprehensive presentation; that kid is goddamn incredible. 

Long story short, after April 10th, the date of my Comprehensive examination, I hope to rejoin the ranks of those who live full lives, filled with a myriad of varying activities!  The most exciting decision I get lately is whether to fall asleep reading about the growth kinetics of the microporous materials I'm studying, or the resultant adsorption behavior. Oh man, I'm starting to tense up just thinking about it... I have to go study...

Oh, before I forget, you see that little guy in the left corner?? On November 14, 2012, I adopted a geriatric boxer puppy named Rosie.  She is old as shit, basically deaf, partially blind and can't even smell worth a damn, but she is so fucking cute and rambunctious it is unbelievable.  More on her later though, this guy has compulsories to study for. 

Have good days anyone who might stumble across this.


  1. oooooommmmgggg, hiiiiiiii!!!! There you are!!! I hope that when your compulsatives are done, that means you'll be blogging more and we can chat. K bye I love you. PS do you have Instagram?

  2. hey! you have wicked style! and i envy your hair color... yes, yes indeed... i shall have it soon enough. mwahahahahaha! anyway, thanks for stopping by my blog... :D

  3. Love love love this outfit !! Can I please have it all :D

  4. alex, you have such a fun style! it's amazing how much free time one has when school is through or on break, right? ;)

  5. what an adorable dog! great addition to the fam. and love love love the outfit. the bdg cardi, the green jeans, the sequins? you're killin' me. but what kills me the most is your mom. you can't make that stuff up. she's hilarious!!!

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