Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Captain's Blog, Stardate 9522.1

So it really does appear that I am more or less incapable of creating a post that doesn't have a cringe-inducing, over-the-top, corny-as-fuck title.  It's kind of my "thing."  

Anyway, so this last year I didn't really post on here.  At all.  I mean I was, and still am, really really stupidly busy.  Like really busy.  Like a "SHIT! RUN HOME! CHANGE! GO TO LAB! RUN HOME! EAT! SHIT! GO BACK TO LAB! RUN HOME! CHANGE! GO TO WORK! RUN HOME! GRAB KETCHUP! BRING IT TO BAHB'S FOR SAUSAGES!" kind of busy, so it was only natural that this fell by the wayside.  

And that's fine, because while blogging is a thing, it's certainly not the be all and end all of things.  It's a great outlet and such, but I pretty much wrote it off as a thing I tried that didn't really "take."  However, as time passed, I was surprised to the extent I found myself wishing I had kept on top of it, if for no other reason than having a living document of what I've done and where I've been.  

I don't keep journals.  Every attempt at keeping a journal has started and ended the same way.  I see an  adorable journal/notebook/writing tablet of sorts at the store and go "OH! you know what, I should keep a journal!" so I buy it and begin writing in it... write away (I can't stop with the puns).  But that only lasts a matter of days and before long I lose it, along with my interest.  

This blog doesn't seem like that for me.  I mean, yes, it was this shiny new thing at one point, but upon looking back at it, it still makes me happy and I do wish it were a bit fuller. So frequently I have a habit of getting ahead of myself, I plan and worry and fret and I am constantly either living in the burden of the past or being horrified by the inherent uncertainty of the future.

Dress: Funktional (Nasty Gal)
Shoes: Ecote (Urban Outfitters)
Necklace: Hannah Makes Things (Modcloth)
Bangle: I got it at Dillard's forever ago
Bag: Gift from my mom
Sunglasses: Ray Bans

This blog really does help me extricate myself from useless worry and allows me to actually exist in the here and now.

With that said, I do understand that blogging is realistically the first on the chopping block when things get harried.  So in looking through all of the blogs I have followed over the years, I understand why some of those bloggers I developed interwebs relationships with haven't posted in a year or why they deleted their blogs altogether, but it still makes me a little sad.  

I guess I learned through trial and error that there are some things in life that won't allow you to just pick up right where you left off.  It makes me feel kind of shitty for quitting blogging cold turkey and not at least keeping up with those wonderful ladies while I had a chance.  

Fortunately there are still a whole shit ton of the amazing gals I used to follow who are still posting out into the ether, and I am so glad to be able to follow those blogs again (like Claire, who was probably my very first blog friend and the incomparable Lydia and the darling Kimi and, of course, Emily and Erin and at least a half dozen others).  So really?  I'm just being drama.  

Whatevs, I'm just feeling my feel feels.  Basically, this is yet another annoying "Alex learned some shit" post but at least my dress is perfection.

Seriously, I eyed that thing for the better part of the year, visiting it at Nasty Gal often.  Watching, waiting.  For that beautiful markdown.  When at long last it came, I sold some clothes on eBay to negate the cost, and long story short, I, uhhhhh, got me some dress.   


  1. I'm weirdly getting to the point where blogging is stress relief for me so I anticipate the posts will be rolling for awhile. And I just started keeping a journal a few months ago and weirdly feel super pressured to write in it. I think I'm going to get rid of's judging me for not writing daily.

    Courtney ~

  2. I never knew what I wanted out of my blog when I started, but it's been kind of great having an 18-month (and counting) diary of sorts. I never kept a journal ever because I sucked at committing to it, but there's something way more fun about having a public one that people see and interact with.

    In other news, that dress truly is fantastic. Like... seriously.

  3. Not creeped out at all, very honoured that you tagged me :) So happy you are back with your fearless style and cheesy titles! That colour blue is stunning and can I just say your body is banging! (now that was creepy! but true none the less)

  4. I think blogging needs some type of dedication, but it should also be fun!

  5. Perfect outfit! Love the colour of the dress. And you look great :))


  6. Thanks for the comment, happy to stop by!
    Loving this shade of blue on you! So chic.

  7. ha. half the journals I ever bought never had anything written in them- they were too nice and my writing just too messy! It is very satisfying to somehow have this one thing that shows a continuity. There's also a nice friendly anonymity to the intimacy of it!

  8. love the outfit!
    Neat post and love your blog... would you like to follow each other!

    My Lyfe ; My Story

  9. Yeap... Blogging isn't dead. It's just paused. For a while...
    Lovely dress by the way. And I admire the restrained way you shop!
    That takes some nerves of steel. (is that even an expression in english?)


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